• Fast, Effective, Medical Weight Loss by Diet Doc

    Clinically advanced medical weight loss, developed and managed by leading weight loss physicians.

Fast, Effective, Medical Weight Loss by Diet Doc

DietDoc offers a doctor designed weight loss program adaptable for most
every person and health situation. Our protocol can be adjusted to include those
wanting to lose less than 20 pounds to those needing to lose more than 100 pounds.
This is not a one-size-fits-all diet. We can customize our diet protocol for every
situation and lifestyle, including unique diet plans for those needing to lose excessive weight, vegetarians, athletes, etc.

Our Medical Weight Loss Program Offers

  • Weight loss between 15 – 20 pounds in the first month*
  • Disease specific weight loss programs (diabetes, cardiovascular, hypertension)
  • Medical weight loss plan that helps undercover reasons why losing weight was previously difficult
  • No hunger – team of doctors formulates specialty weight loss supplements (help suppress appetite, help
    shrink fat cells, help with emotional eating)

How is it done?

Before and After
Diet Doc weight loss doctors are not primary care doctors, bariatric surgeons or doctors offering weight loss part-time in their general practice. The Diet Doctors have specialized training in helping people undercover the underlying metabolic and/or cellular toxicity prohibiting fast weight loss. Scientists recognize that the body will fight weight loss by slowing down metabolism (thyroid) among other things.
Also, special consideration is needed for those obesity related health problems, such as; diabetes II, hypertension, heart arrhythmia, and cardiology in general, due to excess weight. Understanding how the body reacts to weight loss, prior to starting a diet is an important key to rapid weight loss.

How the DietDoc Medical Weight Loss Diet Works

Call for a (free) weight loss consultation 888-505-0895. Lose rapid weight safely; averaging 15 – 20 pounds per month without hunger but with increased energy using our doctor-designed medical weight loss plans.

  • Diet Doctor consultations (same-day appointments)
  • The Diet Doctor will thoroughly review your health history, and develop a customized, personalized weight loss plan specifically for you as an individual
  • Experienced weight loss nurses and nutritional coaches available 6 days/week
  • Unlimited weight loss doctor, nurse and nutritional coach support 6 days/week without paying additional. Diet Doc clinical weight loss experts are here to help you with any/all questions you have to help with your rapid, safe weight loss
  • Complete weight loss plans, appetite suppressants and fat burning options (all with our doctor’s instructions). These lipotropics boost fat burning and drastically reduce appetite
  • Diet Doc weight loss products and food to help facilitate fast weight loss.
    • Diet Doc weight loss shake (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry/banana) which was custom made specifically to support rapid weight loss
    • Diet Doc weight loss oil used to make salad dressing and for cooking. This oil is clinically shown to help burn fat
    • Buy grocery store food, such as (unlimited) vegetables and lean beef/chicken/fish
    • Enjoy Diet Doc entre starters: chili, chicken gumbo, Thai chicken, steak soup, hot & sour and more to compliment your diet food menu. Without anything artificial and only 20 calories per serving
  • Receive a comprehensive doctor-written Diet Doc medical weight loss program outline (hard copy)
  • Receive a unique, Diet Doc cookbook with over 50 pages of tasty recipes
  • Body measuring tape
  • Diet food scale
  • Flaxseed
  • Doctor’s documentation for medical weight loss
  • Doctor recommended supplements