Gastric Bypass Alternatives

obese-feet-scale-1Obesity can lower the quality of one’s life as well as cause a multitude of health problems. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, gallbladder disease, acid reflux disease, arthritis, cancer, depression, are all associated with obesity. In addition being extremely overweight can cause all sorts of joint related problems often leading to knee and hip replacement surgery. Most people who are overweight tend to also suffer from low self-esteem and /or distressing emotional problems.

Some folks believe that going under the knife to lose 100 pounds will solve all their issues. Often people undergo gastric bypass surgery, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, duodenal switch, or one of the less invasive types of bariatric surgery such as laparoscopic gastric banding, only to discover they still obsess about food and the underlying psychological issues did not miraculously disappear. If a person has a lifestyle that’s consistent with overeating such as medicating or entertaining oneself with food, or just eating when bored, anxious, lonely, depressed, upset, those behaviors are still going to be there after the surgery.

This is what one satisfied customer who tried our doctor-supervised medical weight loss protocol said:

Dear xxxxxxxx- My name is Fred. I weighed 343 pounds and was so desperate to lose weight I was trying to get Gastric Bypass surgery. Yes, so desperate, I was willing to lop off part of my own body to get my old life back. I found this diet so I could lose the weight my doctor said I had to lose on my own in order to be accepted as a candidate. I lost 28 pounds the first month and told the doctors for the surgery to go stuff themselves. My insurance reimbursed me for the Diet Doc diet and I used that to buy the next round. I am currently at 288 and still dropping. The really amazing part is my skin is shrinking along with my body, so I won’t have to have that other surgery to remove the extra skin either. No KNIFE!!!!!!

There are no quick and simple solutions for treating obesity. For the morbidly obese who have tried every possible way to lose weight and had little to no success, opting for some type of bariatric surgery seems like a possible answer.

gastric-bypass-mini-surgeryJust as with any surgery, bariatric surgery is not risk free. There are many risks associated with such procedures such as blood clots, pneumonia, incision pain, and even death. Folks who are morbidly obese and choose to undergo gastric bypass surgery, must maintain an active life style and food management program for the rest of their lives.Recognize that gastric bypass isn’t just something one deals with for a few months.

Some surgical solutions for obesity are non-reversible and the post-surgery maintenance lasts a lifetime. People who are recovering from gastric bypass surgery must follow a diet that specifies what type and how much food you can eat at each meal to avoid side effects and complications. Most commonly, the gastric bypass diet has four phases to help patients ease back into eating solid foods.How quickly one moves from one step to the next depends on how fast his/ her body heals and adjusts to the change in eating patterns. Eating regular foods with a firmer texture occurs about three-four months after surgery. The greatest risks of the gastric bypass diet come from not following the diet properly.gastric-band If you eat too much or eat food that you shouldn’t, you could have complications. Gastric surgery bypasses large portions of the intestines depriving the body of many nutrients which can lead to gall stones, kidney stones, osteoporosis and weakened organs and organ systems. When you read about the possible short and long term complications from bariatric surgery on the website of the well respected Mayo Clinic, it makes one pause. Perhaps it’s time to consider gastric bypass alternative possibilities that don’t involve surgery.

Our Medical Weight Loss Program Offers

  • Weight loss between 15 – 20 pounds in the first month*
  • Disease specific weight loss programs (diabetes, cardiovascular, hypertension)
  • Medical weight loss plan that helps undercover reasons why losing weight was previously difficult
  • No hunger – team of doctors formulates specialty weight loss supplements (help suppress appetite, help
    shrink fat cells, help with emotional eating)

DietDoc’s Diet Plan : A Viable Gastric Bypass Alternative

Don’t resort to diet pills, a starvation diet, or bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass or even lap band. The  medical diet plan is customized to help folks who want to lose as little as 10 pounds to those want to lose 100 pounds.

You can reach your goal of a healthy weight by strictly following our Diet Doc medical weight loss protocol with quality weight loss supplements. Caloric intake typically varies between 700 and 1000 / day during the phase 2 and phase 3 of our doctor managed weight loss protocol.

We’ve created a variety of unique weight loss diet plans for people with various medical conditions, including people looking for a diabetes diet while losing weight. All patients receive a unique compatible cookbook with more than 50 pages of nutritious recipes.

We offer unlimited support from our highly qualified weight loss coaches and nurses throughout our unique doctor designed, medical weight loss program. You can speak to someone six days a week regarding questions and concerns without paying additional monies. You are not required to partake of a strenuous exercise program to lose weight and inches on our weight loss program. Feeling hungry all day is not part of our weight loss  diet, so if that should occur we advise our clients to call so your diet plan can be modified. For those folks who have sweet cravings we offer yummy, chocolate or vanilla shakes that are permitted 3x per day. Once weight goals are met, the medical component is discontinued and other nutritious foods are reintroduced into the diet protocol in a controlled manner.

Once you have finished all four phases of the Diet Doc medical diet program, we encourage you to espouse a “lifelong” maintenance lifestyle approach by offering tips and advices to prevent your gaining back all those hard earned lost pounds and inches. By embracing this effective fast weight loss diet, and following our Diet Doc protocols you can end up with a new, healthier body and lifestyle without resorting to serious, expensive surgery.

If you’re looking for a gastric bypass alternative, call the DietDoc™ weight loss professionals today and receive a free consultation at 888-505-0895.