Medical Weight Loss

3d-man-scale-3Magazines, books, TV or radio talk shows, advertisements and the internet are just a few of the venues from which it is possible to find advice about weight loss. One specific weight loss protocol uses a term which stands for a type of natural supplement produced by women when they are pregnant. Although the supplement is used in a number of medical treatments including fertility and to help certain certain boys with normal sexual development. However the most popular use of the supplement is in conjunction with losing weight. A quick internet search with the terms of this supplement for fast weight loss results is pages and pages of articles, medical facts, questions and answers, medically supervised diets, and pros and cons.

Our Modern-Day, Medical Weight Loss Program Offers

  • Weight loss between 15 – 20 pounds in the first month*
  • Disease specific weight loss programs (diabetes, cardiovascular, hypertension)
  • Medical weight loss plan that helps undercover reasons why losing weight was previously difficult
  • No hunger – team of doctors formulates specialty weight loss supplements (help suppress appetite, help
    shrink fat cells, help with emotional eating)

At DietDoc we believe there are no clinically supported supplements that are amazing break-throughs in weight loss and the fight against obesity. Used in conjunction with a low calorie diet that ranges between 700-1000 calories per day, medical-supervised quality weight loss plans makes losing weight much easier. Before you start our medical diet plan consider which method would be best for you.


What makes the Diet Doc weight loss program exceptional is our modernization of the commonly used supplemental diet plan. We have eliminated the controversial original protocol with its starvation diet plan and other restrictions regarding makeup and lotions and transforming it into the healthiest way to get amazing weight loss results today without any expensive and intrusive surgery.

Because there is a lot of confusion when it comes to the different forms of weight loss options, and whether or not homeopathic forms of supplements are effective.

When to Start Medical Weight Loss on the DietDoc Plan

The DietDoc fast weight loss medical diet plan is composed of 4 phases. However, you are administrating your supplemental dosage, it will not change through Phase 1-3 of the program.

Phase 1: The “loading days” with a focus on high calories and high fat lasts 2 days. You will start to administer your supplement at the beginning of phase 1. During a 1 week period, supplement is taken six consecutive days with the seventh day off before starting over again.

Phase 2: We call this the Keto-adaptation. For most people process where metabolism shifts, triggered by a drop in insulin levels, reduction in dietary net carbohydrates, and glycogen depletion takes about 1 week. For folks with with blood sugar and insulin regulation problems it may take up to 2 weeks before their body fully adapts.This is the beginning of the low calorie, low carbohydrate diet associated with the supplement diet program. During this phase people may feel a little tired, have low energy, and may experience some hungry as their body makes the switch. We have added B12 to the supplement formulation to eliminate some of the Keto-adaption side effects. During this phase we also suggest taking our high quality electrolyte tablets to prevent headaches and muscle cramping are common due to the sudden shift in electrolytes.

before-after-martha-pricePhase 3: Once the body is keto-adapted, which a DietDoc nurse can confirm at the first appointment, the patient shifts into Phase 3. During this stage, which generally lasts between 1-3 months depending upon the client’s weight loss goals and their metabolic capacity on the restricted diet, weight loss is stable and consistent. The body is making and using ketones as a primary source of fuel while reliance on dietary carbohydrates for metabolic function is very minimal. Unlike starvation diets of 500 calories, you will only lose body fat, not muscle mass. The use of supplements will be adjusted at the end of Phase 3.

Phase 4: Reintroduction of normal foods and carbohydrates occurs during Phase 4 which lasts between 3-4 weeks as you slowly move away from the low calorie diet and start to re-introduce many foods to your diet while gradually increasing your daily caloric intake. To best determine your daily calorie intake during this period, make sure to schedule a Phase 4 Maintenance appointment. Although you will be ecstatic at reaching your weight loss goals, this appointment is important to discuss with one of our DietDoc professionals how to retain your svelte, new look.