Weight Loss Program

before-after-gayle-jordonDiet Doc provides medically, supervised patient care to people across the USA. The result is a collaborative, yet effective approach to dieting, involving dedication on the part of the dieter. Our overall program is personalized for each client, taking into consideration his/her health history, age, gender, lifestyle and preferences.

The Diet Doc doctors and support team are passionate about helping people reach their weight goals. Diet Doc offers their comprehensive, medically, supervised weight loss program at a reasonable cost making it affordable to many people, not just a select few. We often hear people comment that our pricing model is half of what other professionals charge for their weight loss programs.

Our Weight Loss Program Offers:

  • Weight loss between 15 – 20 pounds in the first month*
  • Disease specific weight loss programs (diabetes, cardiovascular, hypertension)
  • Medical weight loss plan that helps undercover reasons why losing weight was previously difficult>
  • No hunger – team of doctors formulates specialty weight loss supplements (help suppress appetite,help shrink fat cells, help with emotional eating)

Our mission is to help people lose weight not only by supporting them throughout our weight loss program, but also by educating them about what specific foods will cause a weight loss reaction in their body. Once clients have completed the Diet Doc weight loss program and reached their goal, they can keep weight off more successfully on a long-term basis by applying their newfound knowledge regarding food and following a healthier lifestyle.

There are a number of reasons for the popularity of the Diet Doc weight loss program. The program is customized for each patient’s individual needs. Many food options are available to patients, although there are certain food restrictions. Minimal exercise is required to lose weight. Our Diet Doc staff is available to answer questions regarding the weight loss program and offer support throughout the weight loss process.

After patients have achieved their weight loss goals, Diet Doc offers a maintenance program to help patients retain their new weight.

The Diet Doc weight loss program is safe and effective for patients provided that they adhere to the personalized diet program offered by one of the Diet Doc physicians. Our goal is to provide you with the safest, highest quality product available on the market. Our manufacturing company, located in the U.S, manufactures 100% of your food and supplement products. We implement high quality standards for the manufacturing of all our d supplements in strict accordance with the Food and Drug Administration. Once you become a client we provide you with all the tools you will need for a successful weight loss experience! By providing you with both the DietDoc workbook and cookbook, as well as unlimited phone support from our team of trained diet consultants 6 days a week, plus your determination we believe you will be able to succeed with our weight loss program. The Diet Doc team is here for you every step of the way!


Diet Doc also strongly recommends weighing yourself daily, first thing in the morning after eliminating and using the DietDoc workbook charts to track both your weight loss and inches lost. Keeping track of your progress helps you in pinpoint certain foods that might stall your weight loss progression.
Phase 1: During this phase you will start administering the diet pills once or twice a day depending on the dose and administration method. This initial Phase 1 lasts two days and is often referred to as the “loading” days. Loading days focus on high calories and high fat. It may seem counter intuitive, but phase 1 is intended to spike metabolism and serve as a fat induction to facilitate the transition into ketosis. You load up your fat cells and get your body prepared for the stricter diet that will follow in Phase 2. It is a good time to begin recording weight and measurements each morning.

Phase 2: of our weight loss program diet requires great commitment and discipline. Phase 2 begins the third day of the weight loss program. At the start of Phase 2 your body will go through a keto-adaptation process where the body’s metabolism shifts, triggered by a drop in the insulin levels, reduction in dietary net carbohydrates, and glycogen depletion. It generally takes around a week for most people, and up to two weeks for people with blood sugar and insulin regulation problems to reach a ketosis state. During this phase people can expect to feel a little tired, may have low energy, and may feel hungry as their body makes the switch. Our Diet Doc support team is here to help make this transition as easy as possible. Once your body has completed the keto-adaptation process, you will remain on the 700-1000 calorie a day diet.
Phase 3: generally lasts between 1-3 months of consecutive time on the low carbohydrate, low calorie diet. You will continue following a 700-1000 calorie diet. Your body is now keto-adapted and weight loss is stable and consistent. The body is making and using ketones as a primary source of fuel and reliance on dietary carbohydrates for metabolic function is very minimal. Duration varies based on patient goals and metabolic capacity on the restricted diet.

Phase 4: is the reintroduction of normal foods and carbohydrates. Phase 4 lasts between 3-4 weeks as you slowly move away from the low calorie diet and start to re-introduce many foods to your diet while gradually increasing your daily caloric intake. This is a structured reintroduction of dietary carbohydrates and calories. There is a Phase 4 Maintenance appointment where we calculate your daily calorie needs based upon your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and activity level.

Your hypothalamus has had a metabolic reset during phase 2 of the Diet Doc weight loss program, but if you go back to eating the same processed foods, junk foods, and fast foods consumed prior to the Diet Doc weight loss protocol, you will likely see the weight come right back. Don’t blow it at this point. Make and keep your Phase 4 Maintenance appointment. It’s great you have reached your weight loss goals, but this appointment is important to discuss how to retain your svelte, new look.

When you finish Phase 4, keep on a healthy life style path. Stay away from heavily processed or fast foods. Try sticking to lower calorie foods and keeping your portion sizes reduced. Weigh yourself.

Remember how great it felt to reach your weigh loss goal.