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It's now personal!

Getting your Custom-Rx Program is as easy as

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    Answer a few important personal questions for your no-cost interview with one of our weight loss specialists. They will give you a review of what a personalized custom-Rx and uniquely designed program will look like for you.

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    Success Plan

    Your weight loss coach then outlines a plan to be reviewed by our team of doctors that will result in a healthy weight loss program fit to your biological needs and goals. Including the formulation of a custom weight loss medication with your success plan.

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    What to expect

    You will start feeling better and losing weight in the first week and start to feel more confident by the day. Your appetite will be reduced and your energy levels increased.


Our Programs are individualized. Every client’s program comes with medication designed using a patented formula of FDA-approved medications in a single capsule proportioned specifically for your body.


The custom formulas prescribed for each client have been designed and patented by our medical team based on years of specializing in long-lasting healthy weight loss.


Staying connected with our team of medical, nutrition, and dietician professionals is easy and accessible through text and email. Our medications, meal plans, and supplements your body may require are all shipped directly to your door.


Several things make weight loss difficult, not to mention that your body may be fighting you with various health, DNA, or hormone issues or imbalances that have little to do with your calorie intake or exercise. In fact, without addressing these issues you may be destined for frustration without professional medical assistance.

No more Frustration

A Weight loss program done right

Your Weight ends here

Our Mission

Our Mission is to professionally design and support a healthy weight loss solution for our clients, helping them attain the best possible version of themselves. We strive to provide an excellent service that promotes success and a healthy lifestyle.


Lorena Holligan

I was tired, desperate, and tried EVERYTHING to help me kick it into gear. I knew how lost I had become, but I didn't really fully realize it until this past summer. It wasn't even until August of this year that I officially took a chance and reached out to Rachel Gunter. I had seen all the success stories and wanted to be one of them too!

Michelle Fritts

Beginning weight: 172 lbs.
End weight: 124 lbs.
Day it took to lose all the weight: 62 days

My hunger would get out of control in the evenings. I literally wouldn't eat much all day, go home and would make poor eating choices. Diet Doc was able to diagnosis this issue and solved it by putting me on a prescription medication that helps eliminate these types of cravings. I lost 48 pounds and feel so much better, my entire outlook on life has changed. I highly recommend Diet Doc as the doctors get to the root cause of why I struggled losing weight.

April K image

April K

My starting weight was around 180 and my body fat was 32%, I first started doing just the HCG and then slowly added in other products including the MIC/B12 and the Ipamorelin. My goal was to lose body fat and build muscle and the Ipamorelin was crucial helping me do that. Today I am 155 lbs and 20.8% BF and I am maintaining this all with the help of Mary Kay. She has been there for me non stop whenever I need anything I can shoot her a text and she responds immediately. I am currently only taking the Ipamorelin since I have already lost all the body fat that I would like too.




Our Vision
To pursue healthy weight loss solutions and renewed lifestyles for our clients through easy access and at-home deliverables, via our telemedicine platform.


Your body is not identical to anyone else’s, so why rely on the same diet plan everyone else uses?

We offer a better option: medical weight loss programs tailored to your body and your life.


Diet Doc’s medically supervised programs have helped our clients meet their goals with a 97% success rate. Our certified weight loss professionals will work with you to resolve your toughest challenges and conquer the obstacles that are keeping you from losing weight.

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