Plenty of other popular diet plans trigger varying degrees of weight loss. Yet, the Mediterranean Diet plan still holds a very impressive position among the rest. Unlike methods such as the keto diet or paleo diet which may have drawbacks such as the overconsumption of protein and other potential imbalances, the Mediterranean diet plan for weight loss and overall health benefits continues to be counted among the top diets as recommended by medical professionals for nearly 20 years.

This diet, with its primary focus on plant-based foods such as fibrous vegetables, legumes, nuts, olive oil and some fruit, results in an increased level of monounsaturated fats, improving heart health by reducing ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels and boosting one’s good cholesterol. Mediterranean dieters also receive the benefits of a higher fiber content intake as well as higher nutrition. Keep in mind however, that switching to the Mediterranean diet for beginners can be a very dramatic shift in the food you buy, the recipes you prepare, and the way you eat. Here’s why opting for a Mediterranean diet coach rather than going for it on your own can help improve your chances of success:

1. Controlled Flexibility – Eating Mediterranean style is one of the most flexible diet plans out there, allowing for a variety of foods to be consumed with a de-emphasis on calorie counting. However, this flexibility can be a challenge to some dieters who aren’t sure how to control their portion sizes or who may struggle to eat in a balanced way. DietDoc professionals guide you with the right nutritional balance help you limit foods that may hinder progress (especially in the beginning).

2. Help with Meditteranean Menu Shopping – Going Mediterranean can mean a major shift in how you shop and prepare meals. This could take a fair amount of re-education on the best foods to buy. A personal nutritionist can help tremendously in this area. DietDoc offers on demand, one-on-one phone support for help with recipes, meal planning, selecting menu items while dining out and grocery shopping assistance to help you make smarter eating choices.

3. Fat Burning Prescription Aids – Let’s face it, starting a new diet can be difficult. Getting over old temptations and habits can be tricky without an extra boost. One-on-one Mediterranean Diet coaching can add prescribed appetite suppressants, carb blockers, mood stabilizers, energy boosters and other safe prescriptions to keep you on track.  Upon approval, these medications can eliminate those snack food cravings that so often sabotage your success.

All in all, there’s no better way to get quick results from one of the healthiest diets out there! With DietDoc’s easy telemedicine-based approach to weight loss, their team of doctors can get you started on a Mediterranean style diet that works for you!