Low Calorie Diet DangerThe intention of the latest 800-Calorie Diet trend is to create caloric deficits for rapid weight loss results. For the average dieter, this could mean cutting down their caloric intake by 1000 or more calories each day. Ideally, the plan is only recommended for those who fall into the obesity category, but this hasn’t prevented many who are overweight, or just needing to lose a few extra pounds from attempting the diet. The 800-Calorie diet itself has no specific regimen to follow, being that the only requirement is that one remains with in those caloric restraints. While the consumption of vegetables and fruits are recommended on the diet, there are no specific guidelines, which lead many to skimp on nutrition in order to focus on calories alone. According to health professionals, this diet falls under the very low calorie diet category.

The most important thing to consider when thinking about committing to an 800-Calorie diet is that medical experts strongly suggest that the diet should only be undertaken in conjunction with medical supervision. Diet Doc’s Medical Director also agrees with this. He has seen many damaging pitfalls when dieters decide make such drastic and sudden reductions in caloric intake. “The 800-Calorie diet can be dangerous, as are most low calorie diets. Dieters are never warned that protein intake must be adjusted to prevent muscle loss,” states Diet Doc’s medical director. As we know, adequate muscle mass is key to fat burning as well as overall health, flexibility and anti-aging. In addition to this, when muscle is lost due to poor dieting, weight gain reoccurs rapidly once the diet has ceased. Our medical weight loss team also emphasizes that, “Since the diet also advises minimizing carbohydrates, additional emphasis must be placed on protein as most of the caloric requirements will be met in this way.”

Diet Doc’s Medical Weight Loss Program offers 800-1200 calorie diets that include the necessary doctor-supervision, weight loss coaching, and prescription medications to ensure that weight loss occurs quickly as well as safely. Diet Doc’s pharmacy-grade medications work to eliminate the fatigue, irritability, and incidents of binge eating that can hinder the progress of a temporary low calorie diet. Don’t take the risk of an extreme low-calorie diet – get in touch with us to learn more about the Diet Doc way and begin your journey towards health today.