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About Us

A Team Of Medical Weight Loss Experts

Diet Doc Weight Loss provides a personalized, unique, doctor-designed and managed weight loss plan for patients based on their health history, gender, age, and lifestyle. Diet Doc also offers a variety of anti-aging medications that are FDA approved and can reverse the signs of aging both physically and mentally.

In addition, Diet Doc offers a comprehensive bio-identical hormone treatment therapy for people that is much more advanced than the training primary care doctors have.

Add weight loss, anti-aging, and bio-identical hormone therapy for an overall powerful program that can help you feel decades younger, while looking and feeling the best you have in years.

Diet Doc is made up of a team of certified physicians who specialize in advanced medical weight loss. This type of specialized training is unique to physicians, as specialized courses and training are required to obtain this type of weight loss knowledge. This is why 97% of Diet Doc patients report that they lost rapid weight within the timeframe they expected, and maintained a healthy weight over the long term.

Diet Doc offers unlimited doctor consultations, nutritional counseling, and weight loss coaching free of charge after the first appointment is complete. Learn more about our weight loss programs today.


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