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Anti-Aging Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Diet Doc’s anti-aging therapy? Read on to learn more about Sermorelin’s effects and our anti-aging therapy program. Don’t see your question answered here? Give us a call or fill in our contact form and we’ll answer your question promptly.


Q: What is Sermorelin?

A: Sermorelin is a unique growth hormone releasing peptide. It was originally used to assess growth hormone secretion to help diagnose growth hormone deficiency. However, its modern uses now include assistance in the production of natural growth hormone to help combat aging and aid weight loss.

Sermorelin is only available through a physician. It can have great results for patients hoping to restore their youthfulness and/or lose weight safely. Read more about Sermorelin here.


Q: What Is Sermorelin Used for?

A: Sermorelin is used to supplement diet and exercise in efforts to reduce body fat and increase strength and muscle mass. The growth hormone that it helps produce stimulates cell reproduction and regeneration, both of which are essential to maintaining muscular strength and youthful skin.


Q: Is this hormone like the types of substances athletes are banned from taking?

A: No. When obtained through a physician, Sermorelin hormone treatment is completely legal and safe. One of Diet Doc’s medical professionals will oversee your anti-aging treatment program to ensure the highest level of safety and care is available to you.


Q: Sermorelin vs. HGH: What's the Difference?

A: Sermorelin is not growth hormone itself, but it stimulates your body to produce its own growth hormone. HGH is human growth hormone, pushed directly into your body upon administration.

Diet Doc avoids direct administration of growth hormone because the risks are high and direct treatment is often too aggressive. Because safety is paramount when taking care of health, mitigating short-term and long-term risks with Sermorelin is much more tactful.

Compared to HGH, Sermorelin treatment is:

  • Safer – you won’t run the risk of consuming too much growth hormone, which could adversely affect your health
  • Easier – tracking levels of growth hormone is easier because your body won’t overproduce and hormone levels won’t spike
  • Long-term – direct consumption of growth hormone can shut down natural production, but Sermorelin avoids such risks


Q: Does this treatment just add more hormones to my system, or does it do something else?

A: Other treatments do just add hormones to a patient’s system. However, Diet Doc’s Sermorelin treatment is different than other common treatments, in that it encourages your body to produce essential hormones naturally rather than simply adding them in.


Q: What are the benefits of taking Sermorelin?

A: While no two patients are the same and results may vary, studies have shown our Sermorelin anti-aging treatments can help our patients attain a broad range of physical and mental improvements, including increased energy levels, increased endurance, more restful sleep, and heightened mental sharpness. Learn more about Sermorelin and its benefits here.


Q: How Long Does It Take for Sermorelin to Work?

A: Results may vary, but most patients notice the benefits as they occur over the course of several months. Because you are stimulating production of a natural hormone, it may take time for your body to adjust to new levels of it. During that time, your body will slowly improve and repair itself.


Q: Can Sermorelin help my age-related sexual difficulties?

A: Diet Doc patients participating in our anti-aging and weight loss plans that incorporate Sermorelin have noticed improved sex lives. We don't guarantee that Sermorelin will produce this exact effect for every patient, but many of our patients do experience improvements in their sex lives along with the restored youthfulness and weight loss expected after taking Sermorelin.


Q: Can I buy Sermorelin anywhere?

A: No, you must be under a physician’s care for Sermorelin treatment. Diet Doc works hard to match each patient’s needs with the best treatment options. Then, we monitor each patient’s progress to make sure he or she receives the greatest benefit and best results from taking Sermorelin. Read more about our anti-aging programs here.


Q: Does Sermorelin Work?

A: While results may vary, Sermorelin works for a number of patients - but you need the right formula.

Diet Doc blends sermorelin with two different peptides:

  • GHRP-2 – Best at encouraging loss of body fat to meet weight loss goals. Good for overweight individuals or those looking to improve body composition.
  • GHRP-6 – Best at encouraging lean muscle mass production to meet strength training goals. Good for athletes and workout enthusiasts who want to improve muscle mass.

Sermorelin is administered by injection once per day, at night, before bed. Testing during treatment is necessary to assure that growth hormone production will positively affect weight loss programs and anti-aging regimens.


Q: Does Sermorelin actually stop me from aging?

A: Unfortunately, no. We all wish it could. However, Diet Doc’s anti-aging treatment can slow or reverse many of the symptoms associated with aging.


Q: Can Sermorelin also help me lose weight?

A: Yes, Sermorelin is part of our weight loss programs as well as our anti-aging program. While results may vary, boosting hormones has shown to improve lean muscle mass and promote weight loss.


Q: Is Sermorelin enough by itself to help me lose weight?

A: It depends - results and needs vary from patient to patient. Diet Doc’s weight loss programs build a personalized plan for each person. Sermorelin is just one useful tool of many great weight loss tools we offer, and it is typically combined with nutrition plans to promote safe, healthy weight loss. To learn more about our weight loss tools, check out our medical weight loss programs.


Q: Where Can I Buy Sermorelin?

A: Diet Doc can help you purchase and start using sermorelin as part of your weight loss or strength training efforts. Find out more about Sermorelin and get started on your weight loss journey today!


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