How Can You Treat Aging with Hormones?

Hormones and AgingAs we get older, we look to stop the effects of aging any way we can. Although you can’t stop time or reverse aging, new advances in the medical field can help you fight back. Anti-aging hormone therapy of diverse types will help you continue looking young, help you lose weight, perform better sexually, and increase your energy and metabolism.

Hormones and aging are closely related. Hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, human growth hormone, and many others regulate and control key body functions. But as we age, the balance of these hormones fluctuates with life’s natural changes. Both men and women may produce less of certain hormones or become sensitive to others. That’s why adding “anti-aging” hormones are an effective way to combat the effects of aging.

Sex Hormone Therapy

The most common type of anti-aging HRT (hormone replacement therapy) that has been going for decades is that for hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Your levels of these hormones can fall out balance as you age, but they can be replaced with injections, pills, or topical medication.

Testosterone in men contributes to energy, memory, moods, muscle mass, and strength, as well as sexual stamina and performance. Boosting testosterone levels can increase your sexual performance and metabolism. For women, testosterone is integral to mood, energy, weight, and sex drive. Keeping an optimal level can help with women’s weight management and sex drive.

Hormones and aging are linked in other ways that affect our bodies’ processes. Estrogen is more relevant to women’s physiology, regulating metabolic processes like cholesterol levels and bone growth, as well as protecting them from heart disease and colon cancer. For men, it can protect bones and the brain in older age.

Human Growth Hormone (hGH) and Sermorelin

While most people associate hGH with growth during childhood into adolescence, it also enhances tissue growth, increases muscle mass, and strengthens bone density throughout your life. While hGH is frequently prescribed to children with stunted growth or those with hormone deficiencies, it can also be useful in older adults.

hGH is only FDA-approved as a powder with a diluting solution for injection use. Anything else is not FDA-approved and not as effective. That’s where sermorelin comes in. Sermorelin is a peptide which promotes the healthy function of your body’s natural hGH instead of adding it directly to your system.

Sermorelin is a useful anti-aging tool in your body’s hormone arsenal that helps increase energy, vitality, and endurance, strengthen your cardiovascular system, improve skin density, enhance your sex drive, and better your sleep. Learn more about the benefits of sermorelin and how you can start reaping its benefits here.

Treat Aging with Hormones

Speak to a specialist from Diet Doc today to learn about how anti-aging hormones can be an effective tool for treating symptoms of growing older. While you can’t turn the clock back, the right anti-aging hormone treatments can make you look and feel years younger—and improve your health drastically.

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