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Aging & SexualityThe aging process is a physical and mental challenge. One must come to terms with the strains of an aging body and adapt to its new limitations. But age doesn’t rob us of all our vitality, and you can help your body maintain its energy and liveliness by keeping up with healthy sexual activity.

Sexual Health and Aging for Women

Estrogen levels tend to decline as menopause approaches. The unfortunate side effects before the onset of menopause include vaginal dryness and a lack or slowness of sexual arousal.

Shifts in emotion also may interfere with feelings of romance and partnership. Women may begin to feel more insecure about their bodies as they age, and may not have the confidence necessary to engage in a sexual encounter.

As a woman, it’s important to focus on the positives of sexual health and aging. As estrogen levels drop, and eventually lead to menopause, the possibility of pregnancy disappears. While women and men can still contract sexually transmitted diseases, practicing safe sex becomes even easier as you age.

Sexual health supplements for women may assist those who feel less confident about their sexual encounters to enhance arousal and enjoyment. By stimulating the production of or replacing hormones, women may be able to regain the physical and emotional stability to engage in sex actively when aging.

Doing so increases cardiovascular and muscular strength. Keeping the heart pumping by performing an enjoyable activity as you age is critical to avoiding cardiovascular disease and can make you feel stronger and healthier on a daily basis.

Aging and Sexuality for Men

Testosterone is the driving force behind a man’s sexual desire. There is no set testosterone level for men; each male will experience sex and aging in a different way at different levels of pleasure depending on his physiology.

However, men will universally begin producing less testosterone at and past age 30, on average. Once testosterone starts to drop, so, too, does sexual desire. Men may find it more difficult to reach full arousal and a complete erection.

However, attempting to engage in regular sexual encounters is not counterproductive. It’s healthier to take advantage of available testosterone to improve blood flow and cardiovascular health. It also helps maintain confidence and happiness in personal relationships.

Men may also supplement their sexual health with medication. Hormones replaced or stimulated by medication, including and other than testosterone, can help increase sexual desire and stamina, which consequently increases overall vitality.

Don’t Give Up on Sexual Health

Sexual health and aging is all about keeping a positive attitude. Don’t look into the past and compare your sexual encounters now with those from your 20s. Think about the role that sex plays in the present and future, and find new ways to enjoy it. Doing so will improve your mental and physical health, especially with regular sexual practice. For more guidance on how to fight the effects of aging, get in touch with a Diet Doc doctor today.

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