April K Success Story

April K after Ipamorelin, 153 pounds, 21% body fat lost

I started my journey with Diet Doc back in April of 2018. I have always struggled to maintain a weight I felt comfortable with. I had done every fad diet and the weight always ended up coming back. I decided in 2015 I wanted to try the HCG diet so I worked with a local weight loss clinic and did 2 months of HCG, the weight came off quickly but I also had other complications with the process including extreme hair loss. The clinic didn’t coach me through the process or have any explanation for my hair loss. I stopped working with them and my weight slowly came back on. Fast forward to 2018 I was ready to try something else to take this weight off. I did research and came across Diet Doc, I talked with one of their weight loss coaches, she explained the process, connected me with a dietitian and doctor and made me comfortable with trying HCG again. I had much better success and support this time around. The dosage of the HCG and the diet that Diet Doc had me follow were much different then my first experience and this time my hair wasn’t falling out! My starting weight was around 180 and my body fat was 32%, I first started doing just the HCG and then slowly added in other products including the MIC/B12 and the Ipamorelin. My goal was to lose body fat and build muscle and the Ipamorelin was crucial helping me do that. Today I am 155 lbs and 20.8% BF and I am maintaining this all with the help of Mary Kay. She has been there for me non stop whenever I need anything I can shoot her a text and she responds immediately. I am currently only taking the Ipamorelin since I have already lost all the body fat that I would like too.

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