man doing yoga in the mountainsThere are many reasons for the recent rise of people using yoga to feel better, increase flexibility, and lose weight.  Yoga is a great way to build muscle strength, increase blood flow, help posture and flexibility, and help with relaxation and mood. However, if twisting into different poses intimidates you, don’t worry. It’s easy to begin practicing yoga from any experience level. Focus on your breath, your body, and follow these tips to start your journey to becoming a yogi master.

Begin with Breathing

The foundation of yoga begins with breath. Breathing is essential to yoga as it helps to balance and connect your body and mind. Focusing on your breathing also allows you to be present. Let go of the day’s stresses, forget about the future, and breathe in the now. Deep, conscious breathing also has a relaxing effect on your emotions and mind. Subtly channel your inner energy and peace with each breath. Anytime you feel lost during yoga, turn to your breath for guidance.

Principles and Poses

Yoga is about starting where you are. Don’t let complicated poses deter you from trying. Stick with it to the best of your abilities and bring peace and breath into each pose you try. Begin to establish a few poses you feel comfortable with. Some basic and recurring poses in yoga include child’s pose, warrior pose, tree pose, and downward dog pose. Practice some basic poses and movements to begin feeling more comfortable with connecting you breathing and stretching. Remember to breathe steadily throughout the duration of each pose.

Turn to a Teacher

Attending a yoga class can be a great way to get started. No matter your fitness level, a yoga instructor will be a great tool to help follow the movement of a class. Talk to the teacher before. Explain your experience level, fears, and hopes for the class to assure that you feel the most comfortable. Find out about the teacher’s training and experience to learn what you can expect from the class. An easy yoga class for beginners is a vinyasa class. Vinyasa is a great way to learn the basics as it’s the practice of yoga that connects breath and balance. Inhale during upward poses and exhale during downward movements and poses. Talk to a teacher and attend a class to get the best beginners yoga experience possible.

Don’t be intimidated to start your yoga journey. Not only will it improve your overall strength and flexibility by using full-body motion, but you will also begin to be better connected to yourself. Yoga is a great way to relax and wind down after the day, while still getting the benefits of a workout. Start slow and practice a few poses on your own. When you’re ready, attend a yoga class to learn from a teacher. Do what feels comfortable to you and go at your own pace. Remember to focus on your breath during each pose. Connect your body, mind, and muscles by practicing yoga.