Doctor supervised weight loss programs are much different from traditional diets you’ve tried throughout your life. There are many more intricacies in some regards, yet, since you are being watched over by licensed doctors, many aspects of doctor supervised weight loss can be more intuitive and simple.

To get you started on your doctor supervised weight loss program, we’ve selected a few frequently asked questions we’ve received over the last decade of helping people like you lose weight.

Is doctor supervised weight loss safe?

Doctor supervised weight loss is extremely safe. As the name implies, doctor supervised weight loss relies on the supervision of a licensed doctor. Unlike other diets, such as fad diets on the market, you’re not left to your own devices with a doctor supervised weight loss plan. You’ll have a trusted, expert medical resource to monitor your progress.

How is a doctor supervised weight loss plan different from other diets?

Since it is administered by a licensed doctor, a doctor supervised weight loss plan can offer a lot of extra resources to help you achieve your goals, like doctor and nutritionist designed meal plans, doctor oversight and guidance, and prescription weight loss aids.

In addition, a doctor supervised weight loss plan focusses on total health and wellbeing while losing weight. Other, less comprehensive diet plans cannot offer such wide-ranging service.

What kind of prescription diet aids are available to me during a doctor supervised weight loss program?

The most common weight loss aids available can be classified into three categories. Metabolic boosters, which help to speed up you metabolism and help your body burn more fat, appetite medication, which will generally help you with between meal hunger, overeating, and snacking, and mood medication which will help address some of the emotional toll that a stringent weight loss diet can have on you.

Medications, since overseen by a doctor, are very safe with a well-established track record of success.

How quickly can I expect results

We can’t speak for other doctor supervised weight loss providers, but our patients generally begin losing weight within the first few days, and lose about 20 pounds per month, depending on their specific regimen.

How long can I stay on the program?

With our system, you can stay on the program until all desired weight has been lost. Since we employ doctors, we can ensure your safety throughout the entire weight loss program.

Science shows the importance of providing support after goals have been met, so once you’ve achieved your weight loss goal, we’ll continue to provide you with services for up to a year, allowing you access to our team of doctors, nutritionists, nurses, diet coaches, and expert staff 6 days per week at your convenience.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Feel free to give us a call at 888-934-4451 and talk to one of our experts today. Our doctor supervised weight loss program has a proven track record of success, and offers more support and products than our competitors.