women in a group fitness classSigning up for a gym membership is the easy part.  What’s actually difficult is finding the time, energy and willpower to make going to the gym a priority. If you’re like most people, you have the best intentions to go work out every day. However, life is busy and can get in the way of these well-intentioned plans. That’s why group fitness can make a big impact on commitment, endurance and can ultimately lead to more weight loss. There’re many advantages of working out with a group, here are some of the best benefits of group exercise.

Get Fit with Friends

It’s easy to skip your gym plans if you’re the only one going. Next time invite a friend to give you the motivation you need to actually make it there. A good friend will help keep you accountable to your goals and commits you to a routine. It can also make going to the gym more enjoyable. You can catch up with your bestie while still burning calories. Even simply creating a weekly walking schedule with a friend will help you feel more connected to those close to you while getting in the exercise you need.  You don’t need to stop being social to stay in shape, the benefit of working out in a group is keeping it fun while getting fit.

Train like a Pro

Let’s be honest, sometimes getting to a gym or class is the hardest part. Workout without thinking or having a plan by joining a group fitness class. Group fitness classes are structured to give you the best workout possible. Trainers are experts on what exercises are best to keep you in shape. Joining a group class is a great way to stay in a routine with your workouts. Another benefit of group fitness classes is that you burn more calories than you would on your own. It encourages endurance and pushes you out of your comfort zone. Group fitness can also add variety to your workout. This helps your workouts stay interesting while working different muscle categories each time. From kickboxing, boot camps, and cycling to Zumba, and yoga, any class keeps you active, accountable and adds variety. Whatever class you choose to join, you’ll be thankful to have a trainer to a push you harder and a class filled with people to motivate you.

Training with a group and going to fitness classes is a great way to be held accountable to workout. Being committed to a group exercise schedule benefits your weight loss by ensuring that you will attend the workout. Working out with a trainer helps you learn proper form and pushes your endurance. It’s empowering to be working out with a group who all has the same goal of pushing themselves to be the best they can be. Find an accountable workout friend or join a group fitness class to stay motivated toward your weight loss goals.