busy woman multitasking at deskLife gets busy, and it can be hard to squeeze in a workout when so many things are left on your to-do list. With a bit of planning, however, you can lead a life that supports the well-being of you and your family. Here are some tips for getting back on track and staying healthy with a hectic schedule.

Get Rid of Junk Food

For starters, get rid of all food that no longer serves you. Processed foods like chips, crackers, and frozen goodies won’t aid in your weight loss journey and should be discarded. After sorting through all unhealthy items, you can come home to a fridge that’s stocked full of nutritious fruits, veggies, and proteins. You’ll no longer be tempted to dive straight into the junk food after tossing it in the trash can.

Keep Healthy Food in Sight

Now that the bad stuff’s gone, you can put fruits, veggies, and other healthy snacks in plain sight. Place colorful bowls of fruit on kitchen countertops, yogurt at eye-level on fridge racks, and grains and healthy canned soups on pantry cabinets. By organizing items in this way, you can easily access food that’s nutritious and filling.

Make Food in Bulk

Speaking of staying full, learn to make food in big batches. By meal prepping ahead of time, you don’ have to spend hours throughout the week on cooking for yourself or the family after work. Instead, put together large meals in one or two cooking sessions to enjoy for the rest of the week. We suggest cooking plenty of rice and beans, roasting large amounts of veggies, and even cooking an entire chicken! Put the rest of the food in the fridge to use later in a variety of delicious meals.

Bring Healthy Food with You

Instead of relying on caffeine and sugar throughout the day when you feel like crashing, bust out a couple of healthy snacks. Non-perishables like trail mix and whole-grain crackers are healthy alternatives to sugary treats and coffee.

Schedule Your Workouts

You need to be just as organized when it comes to working out on a busy schedule. Instead of finding reasons why you don’t have time to break a sweat, schedule in activities beforehand so there’s no room for excuses. Use a planner to write down specific workout goals to stay motivated and on track throughout the busy week.

Keep Exercise Clothes Nearby

Placing workout clothes and shoes in your car, at your desk, or in your purse is another helpful strategy for sticking to your goals. It’s harder to blow off a workout if your clothes are staring you straight in the face. You should be going to the gym after work – not straight for the fridge!

Have Others Motivate You

Exercise can be more fun with a friend and highly motivating. Find a workout buddy to exercise with regularly who helps hold you accountable. This is a great way to get in shape, and you can develop a friendship while you’re at it!

Don’t Get too Busy to Be Healthy

Our health is largely a matter of goal setting and prioritizing. By creating everyday routines that help you stay on track, you’ll live a more healthy, active, and fulfilling life. Sign up for a free doctor’s consultation for more help losing weight on a busy schedule. Our medical weight loss experts can help even the busiest people achieve their weight loss goals.