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  • Nutritionist designed diet plans.
  • Access to powerful prescription weight loss aids to help increase results.
  • Our Diet Survival Kit with everything you need to begin losing weight right away, including scale, weight loss shakes and bars, and detailed Diet Doc workbook and cookbook, and full details outlining our comprehensive program.
  • In-home service. (Everything delivered to your home or office)

You’ll begin with a comprehensive evaluation conducted by one of our licensed doctors. Each consultation takes place in your own home or office via Skype or telephone, during which our doctor will use a comprehensive questionnaire and medical insight to help determine your personal factors that may have hindered weight loss in the past, or which are making weight loss difficult presently.

Once you’ve been evaluated, you can begin one of our unique doctor supervised weight loss plans, always with our doctor’s oversight and personal supervision.

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  • Determine the appropriate calorie range for the most effective weight loss.
  • Provide a comprehensive workbook outlining how to eat, and what to eat.
  • Help with grocery selection and preparation.
  • Provide unlimited coaching for up to a year after you’ve completed your diet plan.

We take your success personally, so we always provide you with the tools to succeed, including personalized nutrition plans, support with our team of licensed doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and full team of experts six days per week, and potent prescription medication to help boost your body’s natural weight loss potential.

Since we only employ licensed doctors, we can provide access to one or more of our doctor formulated prescription diet aids, each working in unison to help increase results.

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