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Mary Kay weight loss coach

Your Weight Loss Coach: Marykay

I am accredited to helping over 10,000 patients, and would be happy to be your weight loss coach towards achieving your health and well-being goals.  Together we will be partners on your weight loss journey.  I’m driven by my passion to help clients overcome their struggles of losing weight.  My story outlines my own struggles and may relate to the barriers you are currently experiencing.

When I graduated from college, I weighed almost 600 pounds. Emotional eating was my vice and I struggled with it throughout my life. I ended up dropping 200 pounds on my own doing a high protein low carb diet. Shortly after that I tried a protein-based hormone for the first time. I ordered my protein-based hormone from an international pharmacy at that time. I dropped over 50 pounds the first time and then gained 60. I regrouped and tried it again with similar results. Then I started working with DietDoc and became inspired to give it another try.  With DietDoc’s plan, you are under the supervision of a Licensed M.D. and your diet is reviewed by a licensed nutritionist. Because of this, I dropped 43 pounds in two and a half months and kept it off until I was in a very bad car accident 3 years ago.

The result of the car accident caused me to have a crushed ankle and I was bedridden for 6 months. The lack of mobility left me feeling hopeless and the weight started to creep back on. In addition to being bed ridden I gained 20lbs and the doctors told me I would need an ankle fusion. I felt so helpless at this point, so turned to our Doctors about other avenues to regain my quality of life. That was when I was introduced to our Sermorelin program.

After 6 months of using Sermorelin and Extreme Burn (lipotropic), I had dropped the 20 pounds I gained. I no longer needed a cane or required an ankle fusion. The struggles I had have taught me that we are stronger than we know. Weight loss is such a personal journey, sometimes painful, sometimes frustrating, but that is why I am here. I have found my purpose through my struggles. I empathize with our patients because I have been there myself. Today, I continue my journey to be the best version of myself and I would love to be part of yours…..


  • My interests are in helping people achieve a better quality of life and optimal health and well-being
  • My passion lies with my daughter, as she is an aspiring model and I support her in every way with her career


At your convenience, Call/Text me at 442-777-3108 or reply to  Together we will review your weight loss goals, and develop a medically suggested program that will be review by an M.D. for approval.  You took the first step to weight loss be reaching out, now together let’s partner to overcome your barriers to losing weight.

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