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Nick Handstand

Your Weight Loss Coach: Nick


Need help? You are just in the NICK of time! LOL Hi there I am Coach Nick and I am here to help you out! Struggling with hunger? With Cravings? Stress Eating? I GOT YOU COVERED!I have been an actual struggling person like you and lost 100lbs in a year! I know where you all are coming from and I am here to help you reach your goal!

My strength is my personal experience and I am a strong motivator and I am here all throughout your weight loss journey! No more long introduction COMMON LETS DO IT!



  • Practicing an active lifestyle including:
  •  Weight training
  •  Cardiovascular training
  •  Nutritional supplements
  •  Dieting regimen


  • Basketball, Boxing, Weight Lifting and Marathon Fun Run!
  •  Watching Airline Crash Investigations (weird huh? LOL)
  •  Poker Game with friends


At your convenience, Call/Text me at 619-202-1530 or reply to  Together we will review your weight loss goals, and develop a medically suggested program that will be review by an M.D. for approval.  You took the first step to weight loss be reaching out, now together let’s partner to overcome your barriers to losing weight.”

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