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RJ Climbing

Your Weight Loss Coach: RJ

Been playing volleyball and dancing most of my life, and feeling light is one of the key necessities when it comes to both aspects, especially when you are jumping and moving around to perform. Teamwork and accountability are what makes the task much easier. I can help in providing the best route and also I keep my line open for them to contact me freely for whatever support needed. I always tell my patients how proud I am for them whenever they reach the goal, encourage them more and help during maintenance to make sure that they keep the success they already made.



  • Circuit Training
  • Nutritional Supplement


  • Volleyball
  • Dancing
  • Acrobatic


At your convenience, Call/Text me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or reply to  Together we will review your weight loss goals, and develop a medically suggested program that will be review by an M.D. for approval.  You took the first step to weight loss be reaching out, now together let’s partner to overcome your barriers to losing weight.

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