Your Care Coordinator: Shion

“Your self-worth is vital to your happiness. Your weight loss should come from a place of SELF LOVE, not SELF HATE. Do this for yourself and not for society.”

“Loving yourself and being patient with yourself is at the core of success for this journey.’

That said. Taking this journey needs an expert with you walking you through every step of the way to see very positive results. Not allowing yourself to get the best and most scientific-based weight loss plan to loosen your weight is as if you’re not loving yourself. Life is a blessing, making a better version of yourself should start in you. Stepping forward in getting this goal allows you to regain your confidence again. As your guide, we are the best you can be while taking along this journey.

As your coach, I am here to motivate you and help you make the lifestyle changes you want to accomplish. Whether it is stress management, sleep, diet, exercise, mindfulness, you will create small action steps specific to you to make a big change. These changes will sometimes happen fast and other times not. Because things happen over time, I request a 6-week commitment to the coaching process. This will allow the coaching relationship to develop and be a powerful force in your life. I am here to ensure success, celebrate with you, and stick by your side creating a happier and healthier life. 

That said, I need you to help me, help you. You can tell me about your struggles, questions, successes, goals, etc. will help me to make sure I’m sharing the right sort of helpful info to help you. We know how you value yourself. We are here to make this happen. Your SAFETY in getting healthier is my top priority. Your willingness to put the effort into loving yourself will not be put to waste. We will start from where you are at and will work together to achieve your goal fitness level. Send me a message and we will start this journey together.

Contact: (760) 281-2711