Benefits of Weight Loss with CONTRAVE®

CONTRAVE is a special combination medication used for curbing uncontrollable cravings for food and altering the way your brain rewards overeating. As part of a plan that guides your diet and exercise, this medication can help you achieve above-average weight loss.

CONTRAVE's benefits are far-reaching and go well beyond weight loss. Ask Diet Doc’s medical professionals about medical weight loss with CONTRAVE today!

Control Your Appetite

Bupropion and naltrexone, the active ingredients in CONTRAVE, affect the areas of your brain that deal with hunger and cravings when combined.

They help the hypothalamus, the hunger center of your brain, deal with the unpleasant feelings of being hungry. For many Diet Doc users with weight loss goals, fighting hunger is a non-stop battle, even when well-fed.

The two medicines also work on the mesolimbic system, the network that provides rewarding feelings to your body and mind. Rewards provided by the consumption of unhealthy or excessive amounts of food lower in those who take CONTRAVE along with their diet and exercise plans.

Supplement Your Weight Loss Plan

Our diet and exercise plans are crafted to work well for those who are disciplined and motivated to achieve their weight loss goals. For some, however, getting started on the right foot can be a monumental challenge.

We recommend CONTRAVE to supplement to your weight loss plan to help you learn how to control hunger and cravings and show you how rewarding it can be to stick to your medical weight loss plan.

Potentially Lower Your Risk of Disease

While it is not known if CONTRAVE has a direct effect on your risk of heart problems, stroke, or death, introducing your body to a healthy lifestyle with the help of CONTRAVE may help you reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and injury.

As you improve your cardiovascular health and take off weight, your body may begin to work more efficiently. Regular exercise and a lack of unhealthy food could help strengthen your heart and lungs. The reduced need to carry additional weight may also prevent accidental injury while exercising or performing everyday tasks.

Gain Control of Your Life

While experiencing weight loss with CONTRAVE, you may notice that you spend less time battling mentally with yourself. Additional focus on parts of your life besides hunger frees up your time to pursue bigger and better things.

Going beyond average weight loss with CONTRAVE comes with benefits outside of simply shedding pounds. You may find new ways to enjoy life that you never thought possible as long. Just remember to stick to your diet and exercise plan and take CONTRAVE as directed.

Take the next step on your path to weight loss. Talk to our Diet Doc medical weight loss experts today about what CONTRAVE can do to change your life.

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