Getting and Buying Your CONTRAVE® Prescription

CONTRAVE is prescribed for men and women who have found themselves unsuccessful using other weight loss treatments but would still like to make a major life change. It is a blend of two active medications that work together to control appetite and the brain’s response to food.

You’re excited to get started with CONTRAVE, but you may be unsure about how to get a CONTRAVE prescription or where you can buy CONTRAVE. At Diet Doc, we make it easy to talk to a doctor, get prescriptions, and guide you to where you can fill them as part of our customized diet plans designed to carry you to weight loss success.

CONTRAVE from Medical Weight Loss Experts at Diet Doc

To make sure we take care of everyone on an individual basis, we start fresh with each new weight loss case. Here’s how the Diet Doc program and CONTRAVE work together:

  • Talk with a consultant – Diet Doc medical weight loss specialists will take the time to learn about your goals, your body chemistry, and solutions to your most pressing weight issues. It’s confidential, friendly, and easy.
  • Review health history – We’ll go over problems that have plagued your weight loss efforts in the past and health issues that put you at risk for certain diseases. After considering what makes you unique, we’ll start a weight loss plan tailored to you.
    CONTRAVE Weight Loss
  • Discuss prescriptions – If we find that CONTRAVE is the right choice for you, we’ll talk to you about how the medication fits into your weight loss plan and what you can expect while you take it. If you feel comfortable, our experts can provide you with a prescription for CONTRAVE.
  • Begin your medical weight loss journey – With your prescription in hand, you can purchase CONTRAVE at your local or online pharmacy by providing your prescription information. Use your medication as directed to achieve incredible results along with your diet and exercise plan.

Your CONTRAVE Prescription Is Just Around the Corner

Remember, it only takes a few steps to figure out how to get CONTRAVE integrated into your diet plan:

  1. Talk to a Diet Doc expert by calling us at 888-354-5658 or by filling out this form
  2. Ask about CONTRAVE
  3. Formulate your weight loss plan
  4. Use CONTRAVE as directed
  5. Lose weight and keep it off

We’re just as excited as you to see the results that the unique medicinal combination of CONTRAVE can help you achieve!

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CONTRAVE® is a registered trademark of Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


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