Dangerous Weight LossLosing weight can be a difficult road, and some people will go to extreme lengths to shed pounds. At times, the desire for a slimmer body outweighs common sense, prompting people to try unconventional and even dangerous weight loss methods to reduce their bulge. These misguided efforts can backfire and cause serious health problems, wreaking longstanding damage to your body.

Don’t try one of these unhealthy fad diets without doing some research. These extreme regimens range from ill-guided to extremely dangerous. Stick to the weight loss advice of your doctor and nutritionist and avoid unproven, harmful methods.

Starvation Diets and Fasting 

While lowering your calorie intake can help you lose weight, too few calories will lower your metabolism and shed important muscle mass. Too much restriction of your calories will end up burning protein, shifting your body to a higher percentage of fat, increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic problems.

For the majority of those trying to lose weight, keep your calorie count at 1200 or above. At the level, you can get enough nutrients to fuel your daily activities and prevent hunger. Losing weight too quickly can put you at risk for gaining it back just at fast. Avoid unhealthy diets that ask you to eat too few calories, intermittent fasting, or are starvation-focused. Losing weight involves eating as much as it involves not eating.

Cleanses and Detoxes

In today’s Instagram influencer age, branded cleanses and detoxes are popular once again. The best a cleanse can do is cause sometimes-dangerous weight loss due to water and stool loss. You’re not burning any calories, and are risking dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, which can be very unhealthy in any diet.

Losing fluids without supervision from a medical provider can be dangerous, and your body is already designed to detoxify and excrete toxins that don’t belong, with your liver. You don’t need much beyond drinking water and eating foods high in fiber.

Purging Food 

Vomiting, chewing food and spitting it out, and abusing laxatives, should never be considered a form of dieting. However, eating disorders are more common than you may think, especially among young women, gay men, and on college campuses.

Vomiting and purging cause stomach acid to regurgitate in your mouth and throat, which can cause tooth decay, esophageal erosion, and even certain cancers. Laxatives can cause damage to the colon and rectum and rid you of nutrients you need to stay healthy.

Start on the Right Diet

Don’t take the wrong path with these dangerous weight loss and diet methods. Consult with a Diet Doc professional to create a weight loss plan designed for your needs. With some medical assistance and perseverance, you can curb your hunger and get on your way to losing weight.