Unofficially, the first diet was instituted by King William I of England. Until then, people struggled to consume enough food to stay healthy. Fortunately, we enjoy a surplus of food. Unfortunately, this surplus of food has led to an enormous problem of obesity in the world’s industrialized nations.

While many diet plans are stuck in the mud, using outdated and irrelevant ideologies, a few companies are offering diet plans that work. A great new weight loss option is medical weight loss diets.

Medical weight loss diets are different than traditional diet plans or products in a few important ways. Specifically, our online medical weight loss plans can save you time, effort, and money by delivering the medical weight loss diet to you.

Our medical weight loss diets offer:

  • Doctor consultations to determine the best course of action for each patient.
  • Nutritionist designed diet plans.
  • Science based diet plans that rely on physiology to produce results.
  • Access to prescription weight loss aids.
  • Weight loss supplies delivered to your home.
  • Constant access to weight loss professionals via Skype or telephone.
  • Cost savings over walk-in weight loss clinics.

While outdated diet plans offer an outline to weight loss, we’re providing our clients with everything they need to begin losing weight immediately.


Our medical weight loss diets begin with a consultation with one of our licensed doctors. Your consultation takes place in the privacy and convenience of your own home, breaking the tradition of traveling to expensive and time consuming brick and mortar weight loss clinics.

Since our doctors have years of extra experience and education in the science of weight loss, they are changing the way diet plans are designed. Each diet plan is based of doctor evaluation and formulated around individual patient needs and body type.

Another industry changing practice of medical weight loss plans is patient access to prescription diet aids. Only doctors can write prescriptions, so only medical weight loss plans can offer their users access to potent prescription weight loss aids.

At Diet Doc, our medical weight loss diets are providing our clients with up to 20 pounds of weight loss per month. Not many other diet plans can make that claim.

Gone are the days of walk-in weight loss clinics. We’ve revolutionized medical weight loss by delivering all the great benefits you’ll get in a walk-in weight loss clinic, but delivering them directly to your door.

Our system can be done from your home, saving you thousands in medical costs, and uncountable amounts of time and effort. We’re utilizing the power of technology to change the game of weight loss forever.

To try a diet plan that works, simply visit our website at, and schedule a consultation with one of our licensed doctors. The process is simple and convenient.

  • Visit
  • Schedule a free doctor consultation, wherein our licensed doctor will evaluate your body for possible weight loss obstacles.
  • Receive your individualized medical weight loss plan, developed by your doctor, tailored to your individual needs and goals.
  • Receive one or more prescription weight loss aids from our USA based pharmacy, delivered directly to your door and overseen by our doctor.
  • Consult with your Diet Doc doctor any time with unlimited consultations.

If you’ve been contemplating online weight loss clinics, stop thinking and join the thousands who have lost weight quickly and safely with Diet Doc’s powerful medical weight loss online.