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Weight loss shakes healthyLosing weight is hard. It’s difficult to commit to a diet and exercise plan consistently, and weight loss shakes seem like an easy shortcut to losing weight. But do they work, and are weight loss shakes good for you and your health?

There are, of course, pros and cons to using healthy weight loss shakes as meal replacements. A liquid diet, even if it’s only replacing one or two meals, doesn’t represent the whole gamut of nutrition you need. But for many busy people, drinking a weight loss shake for breakfast or lunch can save them time and help accelerate their weight loss process.

Weight Loss Shakes

Similar to meal replacement bars or low-calorie entrees, healthy weight loss shakes can help you count your calories and keep them to a minimum. However, experts advise you not to cut your calories too much. Speak to a doctor or nutritionist about your ideal daily calorie intake, one that you can stick to in the long-term.

If you either lack the time, skill, or motivation to shop for and cook healthy and balanced meals, weight loss shakes can be a useful tool for you. However, you can’t replace every meal with a diet shake. When evaluating whether or not weight loss shakes are good for you, keep in mind that eating a healthy dinner (prepared by you or someone else) is essential in maintaining your diet and healthy lifestyle.

Are Weight Loss Shakes Healthy for Long Term Use?

Diet shakes are helpful as a jumping off point to start weight loss, but a healthy lifestyle means making lasting changes to your diet and exercise regimen. It takes time to learn how to cook and eat healthfully—endlessly drinking meal replacement shakes doesn’t supplant eating healthy meals and exercising on a regular basis.

While using weight loss shakes can be a healthy way to jumpstart your diet plan, talking to our experts at Diet Doc about ways to make meaningful changes will help you make sustainable lifestyle changes and keep off your weight.

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