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woman swimming laps to lose weight on vacationSummer is the ultimate time to show off your bikini body. Most people either jump into this season eager to show off or, like most people, realize they still have work to do to perfect their bikini bod. However, just because school’s out and the temperature’s rising doesn’t mean your weight loss goals can go on vacation too. Summer is a great time to start or finish the goals you’ve made for yourself.

Look to Outdoor Activities to Stay Active

Summer sun means endless time for outdoor activities. If the weather outside is nice, you can take your cardio workout outdoors. And the hot temperature will help, as your calorie count heightens with every drop of sweat. Working out in the heat helps burn more fat and calories as your body works harder to cool itself down. Celebrate the sweat! Next time the sun is shining, remember to take your cardio outside. You’ll increase the intensity of your workout and will race your weight loss to the finish line. Just don’t forget to bring a bottle of refreshing water.

Swim into Summer

Swimming is another great summer weight loss activity. For people looking for a more sensitive workout, it’s the perfect low-impact activity. Swimming raises your heart rate, burning calories and fat, and the water helps alleviate the strenuous impact on your body.

Incorporating some laps into your workout also builds endurance, strengthening muscles and improving cardiovascular health. You’ll get a full body workout as you use almost every muscle category to keep yourself afloat. Why not jump in for a swim next time you’re relaxing at the beach? It’s an easy way to stay active and lose weight, even while you’re on vacation.

Blend Your Berries

The summer boasts hot temperatures in most places. Everyone is looking for a way to keep cool. Skip the typical ice cream and go for something equally as refreshing — a smoothie. Blend together your favorite berries to create a sweet treat on a hot day that fits into your summer diet plans. You’ll be thankful you did!

Enjoying a smoothie is a great way to ensure you’re getting enough fruit and veggies in your summer diet. Smoothies are filled with antioxidants and help boost your immune system. Pack your smoothie full of protein to stay full longer and reduce sweet cravings. Smoothies are an easy way to stay cool and keep fit this summer.

Enjoy a Stroll in the Neighborhood

Walking to lose weight seems almost too good to be true. However, it’s not a myth that walking can vastly improve your health and weight. Walking not only helps fuel weight loss, it also improves circulation, strengthens muscles, improves mood and sleep, prevents diseases and also improves endurance. A quick 30-minute walk burns around 200 calories. Start simple and make time to take a 10-minute break at lunch to go for a short walk. Make it fun for the whole family and start a new tradition of walking after dinner. Even on vacation, an extra stroll down the beach will help you stay lose weight this summer season.

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