woman drinking red wineHolidays, birthdays, tailgates, company parties, or any typical weekend, it’s easy to find an excuse to drink alcohol. If you’re trying to lose weight, alcohol isn’t really your best friend. A study shows that one night out can cost you 1,000 calories in alcohol alone. That doesn’t even include the appetizers or late-night snacking that usually comes with it. Don’t let your week of dieting and exercise be ruined by weekend fun. Follow the tips to find out which alcohol you should drink to keep your weekend fun and your body fit.

What to Drink While Dieting

It’s easy to get carried away while celebrating, but there’s a way to balance both dieting and drinking. Surprisingly, the lowest calorie alcohol brings a reason to celebrate. Champagne leads the way for alcohol that won’t ruin your diet. A standard glass of champagne typically only has 85 calories, that calls for a toast.

If you are more in the mood for hard alcohol, a vodka soda is what to order. Curb the extra carbs with seltzer as it’s bubbly, refreshing, and free of calories. It contains no added sugars or sweeteners, making it the best mixer to keep calories in check. The bubbles from the carbonation may also help you sip slower, resulting in consuming less alcohol overall.

Wine connoisseurs don’t worry. Wine is not forbidden while dieting and usually has under 150 calories per typical glass. Red wines tend to be healthier for you, helping regulate cholesterol and inflammation. The sweeter the wine is, the more calories it will likely have. Try to stick to dry options when dieting.

Drinking Don’ts

There are many myths about alcohol’s calorie count. Don’t be fooled by the expression that drinking your calories doesn’t count. It absolutely does and drinks high in sugar and carbs might be the source of weight gain following a weekend out. Be cautious of what else is in your drink besides just the alcohol. This includes mixers, soda, and fruit juice, all of which can be high in sugar and spike the calorie count of your drink to a maximum. Mix your drinks with low-calorie options such as diet soda, or tonic water with lemon and limes to reduce extra calories. You don’t have to swap flavor for low-calorie options. Use real fruit next time to eliminate the processed calories from premade fruit juices.

Beer might make you feel bloated but it’s not as bad for you as you might think.  Don’t feel bad next time you crack open a cold one. A light beer can be a great drink with low calories and even vitamins. Yes, beer has vitamins. Research shows that beer contains several B vitamins and has also shown to lower heart rate. Choose the light beer option for fewer calories. Most light beers come in at least 50 calories less than regular beer.

The best way to avoid alcohol impacting your weight loss goals is to practice moderation. Enjoy your drinks and savor the taste. Be mindful of how many drinks you’ve had and a relative idea of how many calories are in each.  Keep the focus of the celebration on your family and friends. Pick these low-calorie options for alcohol when you can and you’ll be on your way to sipping smarter.