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This Is Why Healthy Eating Is Hardwoman overindulges on snack food as she watches TV

Distinguishing between eating for hunger and eating for pleasure can be a challenge. With a mind distracted by food, you may be more intrigued by the prospect of indulging in a tasty treat than finding the motivation to exercise.

Imagine this: You’re sitting at home watching TV and snacking on all the wrong foods (but they’re so tasty). What sounds more appealing? Getting up to exercise or resorting to couch-potato status?

If you’re in the comfort of your own home alongside the comfort of food, going to the gym may be the last thing on your mind. Substituting snacking with exercise, while not appealing at the moment, will ultimately make you feel better and help conquer emotional eating. Endorphins are released by your body after a workout, leaving you feeling energized and happy.

Stop When You’re Comfortable

Keep in mind that you should eat when you’re hungry, but it’s healthy to know when to stop. Sometimes, it’s hard to cut yourself off when the food is so good – you want to enjoy every last bite. In the end, you will feel physically and mentally better if you limit your cravings. If knowing when to stop is not one of your strong suits, try these tricks to stop overeating.

Eat every two to three hours while having small snacks between meals. Aim for healthy bites like vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Although not as satisfying as sweets or carb-heavy treats, you’ll be happier just knowing you made a food choice that leaves you replenished.

If you’re starting to feel full but find yourself thinking one last bite won’t hurt, you may be on the brink of overindulging. Of course, we all get hungry and crave food, especially when haven’t eaten in a while, but pay close attention to what your brain and stomach really want to help control overeating. If you’ve already had a healthy meal, consider occupying your time with another activity – preferably a physical one. Boredom is a cause of over eating, so have some fun activities planned to distract yourself from the cookie jar.

The Reason Why Exercise Makes You Feel Good

After a workout, your body releases endorphins. Have you ever noticed how you feel a boost of energy and happiness after a run or trip to the gym? This is due to endorphins triggering a positive and happy feeling within you by activating certain neurobiological responses in the brain. If you make exercise a part of your daily routine, you’ll feel confident and healthy – and this will soon be the only thing you know.

When exercising, your muscles burn calories and build strength. When idle, your body maintains current energy levels and doesn’t work to elevate itself. Do yourself and your body a favor by incorporating regular exercise and healthy snacking into daily routines. You’ll learn how to stop overeating, your body will be transformed, and you’ll feel lighter and happier than before.

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