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Weight loss at homePart of any successful weight loss routine is making sure you can exercise whenever and wherever you can. Sometimes you don’t have time to go to the gym, and you need some easy weight loss exercises that take advantage of the space around you. Going to the gym is always a great option, but it’s important to have weight loss exercises for while you’re at home, in the office, or on vacation.

If you’re looking for easy exercises for weight loss that will help you burn additional calories and tone your body that you can do anywhere, you’ve found the right article. Get in some extra cardio by taking a walk and stopping to do as many of these exercises as you can on the way. Here are some of our favorites:

The Push-Up

You probably remember the push-up as the dreaded exercise from high school P.E, but when done properly, it’s a full-body home weight loss exercise. If you’re not yet strong enough to do a proper one, you can modify it on your knees or prop your hands on a bench or step to make it easier.

Make sure your feet are together and squeeze your thighs as tightly as possible, then squeeze your glutes, pull your stomach toward your spine, and pull your shoulders right over your wrists. You can then lower down into the push-up, going as far down as you’re capable without bending or losing tension. Exhale, and repeat.

Frog Jumps

This fun-sounding technique is a simple weight loss exercise that is great for working on your lower body. You’ll position your feet three inches wider than you would for a squat. Get down for a squat and place your fingertips on the ground, then extend your hips and jump as high as possible with your arms extended. Then softly land on the balls of your feet to your heels. Repeat.


If you’re interested in an easy home weight loss exercise that helps tighten your core, planks are the way to go. They strengthen your abs and your back, and all you need is a flat surface, without any equipment. Your body will be straight as a plank, and you hold it as long as possible. If you can hold it for a minute or longer, that’s great. The longer you hold it, the more you’re strengthening those muscle groups.


For an exercise for weight loss at home that uses your body weight, lunges are fantastic. They strengthen your lower body and increase flexibility. Lunges can be performed throughout the day without interrupting your workflow. Just keep your feet together, keep your shoulders back, put your hands on your hip, and then take a big step forward and push all the way down for 10-20 reps. Then switch legs.

The Squat

Squats are essential, but it’s important that you do them correctly. Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, with your hands behind your head and your elbows out. Keep your torso upright and your weight in your heels. Then sit back until your knees are parallel while pushing your knees out. Then stand back up by pushing the ground away with your legs. Repeat for 10-20 reps.


Making these easy weight loss exercises part of your everyday routine will increase your calorie burn and lead to a healthier lifestyle. Incorporating healthy choices into your life, such as walking instead of taking the stairs and biking or walking to work, are also ways to incorporate weight loss exercises at home and work. If you’re looking for a way to integrate your weight loss efforts, Diet Doc’s medical weight loss experts can help you develop a plan for a healthier lifestyle and to lose weight. Get in touch with us today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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