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Exercise at workWhy is Exercising During Work Important?

If you’re like most Americans, you spend the majority of your waking hours at your job—and it likely doesn’t involve any manual labor. In modern times, we’re likely to spend the bulk of your day sitting in a chair at a computer, sedentary—not exercising. And while you may excel at Microsoft Office and rule the roost at your office, it’s hard to reach weight loss goals at work while performing a desk job.

Luckily, all of this can be avoided by finding some easy ways to exercise at work. If you can prevent prolonged sitting and actively engage in exercise throughout the day (work-appropriate of course), you can improve your health now and for years in the future. Here are some exercises you can do at work to prevent inactivity and promote “deskercising”.

Desk Chair Swivel

Chances are you have a swiveling chair at your desk. Take advantage of your seating by working in some office chair exercises throughout the day. Start by sitting up with your back straight and hovering your feet just off the ground, and place your fingertips on the edge of your desk and contract your core, using your abs to twist slowly from left to right. Do ten twists (or reps) to each side, at least three times a day for an easy way to exercise at your desk.

Standing Up Throughout the Day

While standing up isn’t an exercise itself, it increases your caloric expenditure to promote weight loss at work. Use a standing desk or purchase a laptop stand so you can stand throughout your workday, lowering your risk for diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. When you reduce sitting, you’re improving your health.

Take the Stairs, not the Elevator

Whether you have to head to another floor for a meeting or you’re going out to lunch, take the stairs as a way to exercise at work. It’s a straightforward way to build motion into your day without taking much effort. If you have a spare moment or break, take a few laps on a staircase near your desk for a quick way to elevate your heart rate.

The Squat and Sit

While it may look funny to your coworkers, doing a round of squats each time you come back to your desk chair is a simple exercise you can do at work. When you come back from a meeting, bathroom break, lunch, or any activity, do 3-5 squats before sitting back down. Bend your knees slightly, so you’re your thighs are almost parallel to the ground, then as you bend raise your arm straight up. Keep your knees together and aligned. Hold for 15 seconds and release.

Turn Your Commute into a Workout

In addition to exercising at work, exercise on the way to work. If you live close to your place of employment, you can try speed walking, jogging, or even biking to work even of driving or using public transportation. Just make sure the route you take is safe. If you live too far to commute using one of these options, you can drive or take public transportation to a nearby location, and bike or walk the remaining distance. This extra activity will help you stick to a weight loss plan at work, even in the winter months (just make sure you’re dressed properly).

Diet Doc Can Help You Plan Your Work Out Plan

A Diet Doc professional can work with you to plan exercise and diet, as well as find a medical weight loss solution to help you reach your goals. With a proper daily regimen of diet and exercise at work, you can achieve your weight loss goals. Contact us at Diet Doc today to start your plan!

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