an assortment of berriesFruit is an obvious addition to any diet when trying to lose weight. But, how do you know which fruits are the best for weight loss? We have you covered and have compiled a list of the most favorable fruits to eat when trying to lose weight. Fruit is nature’s perfect gift of sweetness. Not only does it make the perfect snack, but fruit is packed with vitamins, fiber, and overflowing with nutrients that promote a healthy diet. Discover the fruits that have the fewest calories and most nutrients to help you along your weight-loss journey.

Grapefruit’s Great for Dieting

Grapefruit is commonly associated with weight loss due to its wide variety of health benefits. Just half a grapefruit contains only 40 calories and provides 65% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. It has also been studied due to its effectiveness at reducing caloric intake. A study of 85 overweight individuals found that eating grapefruits or drinking its juice before meals decreased caloric intake, decreased body weight, and improved cholesterol levels in the patients studied. Turn to grapefruit as the perfect snack between meals that can help reduce your overall food intake.

An Apple A Day

Apple’s should be a dieter’s best friend. They are the perfect snack when dieting as they are high in fiber and low in calories. One apple contains only 115 calories and over 5.4 grams of fiber. This is extremely beneficial for those trying to lose weight as their high fiber makes you feel fuller after eating. This could lead to eating less throughout the day and reducing your daily calories. In fact, an apple is almost three times as filling as a chocolate bar. Next time you’re craving sugar, pick an apple for the absolute best way to feel both full and satisfied.

Berries for Better Health

Berries are bursting with nutrients, antioxidants, and have low-calories. Packed with healthy components, they are a great way to get your daily intake of vitamins. A serving of blueberries contains only 42 calories but has 12% of your daily recommended vitamin C and 18% of your daily recommended vitamin K. Similarly, a serving of strawberries contains under 50 calories and provides you 3 grams of fiber and 150% of your daily recommended vitamin C. Additionally, berries have been studied due to their ability to decrease cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and lower inflammation. Frozen or fresh, berries are a must for those trying to lose weight due to their sweet taste and significant nutritional value.