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      Coach Daniel

      Here is a common question that I get asked by most of my patients.

      “Can I take other medications with HCG?”

      Yes!! As a matter of fact, combining other medications with HCG will yield better results. Taking the MIC also known as the Lipo/Lipotropic shows that in combination with HCG, you can lose an extra 2LBS per week! As well as preventing weight loss stalls. One of my favorite combinations with HCG is our “Craving Control” medication. I get asked a lot… “Hey Daniel, do you have anything that suppresses my appetite.” I respond with “Is it physical hunger you are wanting to suppress or mental cravings for sugar and carbs.” Most patients do not realize that there is a big difference. And what they realize is that they struggle with food cravings more so then portion control. Combining a metabolism booster like the MIC in combination with the Craving Control will set you up for maximum success. I am here to further assist to find out which combinations are going to best suit you as they do not end there…

      Weight loss coach Daniel

      Call or text: 858-247-3027

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