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      Coach Daniel – Call or text 858-247-3027

      Here at Diet Doc, we receive many inquiries in regards to different options to suppress appetite. Many patients do not know that there is a big difference between physical hunger and mental hunger (cravings)?

      If you are not physically hunger but tend to get cravings for sugar and carbs, then that is mental. Which our “Craving Control” medication option will assist with that.

      If you eat out of emotion and use food as comfort, then our “Oxytocin” will assist with that.

      If its physical hunger, HCG has a side benefit to control physical hunger but mainly prescribed for hormone deficiencies or fertility.

      If its all the above, than you will need HCG in combination with Craving Control and Oxytocin.

      I am here to assist with finding the best options for you.

      Contact me directly:
      Call or text: 858-247-3027

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