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      Daniel Simonian – Diet Doc Weight loss Coach


      Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is coach Daniel. I am an accomplished coach with over 14 years of experience not only helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals but also keeping the weight off! Whether you are wanting to lose weight, build muscle or simply live a healthy lifestyle I am here to help. I have a true passion for changing lives through health and fitness. When I was 16 years old, I won a National Soccer Championship Title and went on to place 2nd in the World losing against Turkey in the World finals. In my 20’s I competed in the Men’s Physique Bodybuilding division and hold the title as former Mr. Southern California following after my Grandfather which won Mr. California in 1952. After all these years, Wall-street Journal just posted an article about my grandfather with the subject line: “Fittest Man in the World”. I not only have experience in pharmaceuticals but also nutraceuticals. In my early and late 20’s, I assisted with the creation of over 20 different products including protein powders and fat burners. With all of my experience and personal success, you will not need to look any further as it is nearly impossible to find someone of my caliber.

      Feel Free to contact me directly.
      I work Mon-Friday from 9:00 am PST – 5:00 pm PST.

      Call or text: 858-247-3027

      The weight is over,

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      Kerri oratt

      Hello Daniel,

      I purchased 60? day supply of HCG, including the peptide, Ipermalin (sp?) months ago. Unfortunately, I have not started using the products yet. I have been sooo reluctant to do the 2 day “fat load” Also I worry I will “feel” starved 😫 on the required 500 calories/day hcg diet.

      Fortunately I am not an emotionally eater and recently was able to curb my appetite naturally by intermittent fasting. My caloric intake is ~12oo- 1500/day of green veggies/organic meats & an organic coconut “milk” shakes sweeten with stevia. (I eat very healthy, but worry about giving up because I’m hungry.

      I guess what I am trying to ask is – what appetite suppressant would you recommend? I would like one that is also for energy (I have very low energy most days)

      Thank you for your assistance
      Kerri Pratt

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      Wellness Nutritionist

      Great! Even we also provide an easy-to-use, comprehensive guide to supplements, diet, and lifestyle that focuses on living a life of wellness and longevity. Our main goal is to feel healthy from inside and out too.

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