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Getting a FREE, No-Obligation Weight Loss Consultation from Diet Doc means that unlike the numerous fad diets out there, you’ll get to speak one-on-one with a licensed specialist about your unique weight loss needs!

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Our FREE consultations are conveniently conducted via live phone or video and typically last between 10-15 minutes. During your consultation appointment with one of our Certified Weight Loss Coaches (scheduled at your convenience which includes same-day appointments), they will go over a health history review with you to get a sense of your unique body composition and previous/current weight loss attempts, as well as any prior health conditions, procedures and existing medications. After discussing any questions or concerns with your weight loss coach, he/she will create a personalized diet and prescription plan for safe and effective results.


Our diet and prescription plans are carefully designed to trigger fast weight loss and put you on a path toward long-term weight control!


Enjoy feeling full and satisfied

Reduce annoying cravings

Regulate mood and emotions

Get balanced nutrition to keep you energized

See results within weeks!


Moving Forward to Success!

Once you decide to move forward with your individualized program, our healthcare provider will counsel you on your medication plan by explaining dosage safety, benefits and side effects if approved. Approved prescriptions will be written and shipped to your home or office. We’ll also get the ball rolling on your customized diet plan, providing you with the education and support you need to hit your target weight and stay there!


If you’ve never had the chance to speak with a knowledgeable weight loss specialist about your needs, now’s the time to do it. You have nothing to lose! No obligation necessary, call us today 800-581-5038 or email!



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