When it comes to weight loss, your safety and health should be paramount. Not only are many of the weight loss programs available to consumers ineffective, but they can be extremely dangerous as well. Weight loss done incorrectly can impact your metabolism, leaving it sluggish, and can negatively affect your internal organs, causing long-term side-effects that can linger forever.

With safety as your main priority, a medically supervised weight loss program can produce the results you’re looking for, offering close medical supervision to ensure a safe and healthy weight loss without the negative side effects of improper dieting.

To ensure safe weight loss, a medically supervised weight loss program will begin with a doctor consultation, during which, a licensed doctor will evaluate your individual needs. Once your personal needs and goals have been established, your doctor will design a medical weight loss program that is custom fit to your body, reducing the risks often associated with intense dieting and poorly structured weight loss plans.

Not only does an individually tailored medical weight loss program benefit you in terms of overall safety, but it will produce better results and more consistent weight loss than other, non-medically supervised, weight loss plans.

In addition to your customized diet plan, a medically supervised weight loss program employs real licensed physicians, so if any prescription weight loss aids are desired or necessary, your program appointed doctor can prescribe them, safely and under close supervision.

Prescription weight loss aids have advanced in the past decade, so it is not uncommon for your doctor to prescribe safe yet effective metabolic boosters to help speed up your body’s natural ability to burn fat, gentle mood stabilizers to help keep you motivated during a grueling weight loss program, and appetite suppressants helping you to avoid the most common dieting pitfalls, between meal snacking and excessive hunger.

And finally, a medically supervised weight loss program provides services as the name implies, medical supervision throughout your weight loss journey. At Diet Doc, we offer unlimited consultations with our doctor throughout your weight loss program, and even up to 6 months after the weight is gone.

Medical supervision also includes weekly checkups from our dedicated nursing staff to monitor your progress, update your program, or simply lend a listening ear to help keep you motivated and interested. You’ll have constant access to our team of experts, which is paramount when trying to lose weight and staying motivated in the process.  

If you haven’t considered a medically supervised weight loss program, you should give one a try. Most are conducted via Telemedicine, which means you can receive expert treatment from the convenience and privacy of your home, and avoid doing any long-term damage to your body.

Are you interested in finding a medical weight loss clinic near you? At Diet Doc, we bring the doctor directly to your living room, saving you time, effort, and thousands of dollars in medical fees. We only employ licensed doctors, each highly skilled in the field of medical weight loss.
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