Your Doctor “frames” your diet plan

Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs can help anyone meet their goals and lead healthier, happier lives, but that doesn’t mean each program will work for everyone. Our medical weight loss physicians work closely with each patient to customize diet plans and recommend the state-of-the-art medications that are best for them.

No two medical weight loss plans are exactly alike. When you contact Diet Doc for a consultation with one of our doctors, they’ll use your information to build a new diet plan tailored to your goals. Here’s a step by step look at what you can expect throughout your medical weight loss journey.

You Call Us for a Consultation

Your Diet Doc program starts with you. Call us so one of our doctors can learn more about you, your health history, and your weight loss goals. They’ll ask a series of questions designed to get all the information they need to start customizing your diet plan.

Your Doctor Builds Your Diet Plan

After your confidential consultation, the medical weight loss physician will form a personalized plan based on factors such as your age, gender, lifestyle, medical history, current weight, and more. We’ll go over the meals, supplements, and exercises we recommend to help you meet your individual weight loss goals.

You Start Losing Weight

When you receive your customized diet plan and medication, you’ll have all you need to start meeting your weight loss goals. Nearly all of our patients experience noticeable weight loss within the time frame they expect. You’ll be assigned a weight loss counselor that can answer your questions and keep you on track toward your goals throughout the process.

We Prescribe the Right Medication

Diet Doc offers a wide variety of exclusive medications and supplements that promote weight loss by fighting obstacles such as stress, emotional eating, sudden cravings, and more. Your medication will target the specific problems that have been holding you back. Once we prescribe your medication, we’ll ship it straight to your address of choice.

You Keep the Weight Off

The weight you lose during a Diet Doc program stays lost. In addition to your customized diet plan, we’ll provide a tailored weight maintenance program to give you all the tools and knowledge you need to stay healthy after meeting your medical weight loss goals.

In the decade since Diet Doc was founded, we’ve helped more than 100,000 patients get started on their journey to lose weight, 97% of whom have reported great success with their customized plan. If you’re ready to find out how Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs can help you, call us to schedule consultation with one of our specialists.

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