women lacing up shoes to start running again for weight lossYou’ve probably slipped a little bit more than once in your life. Despite your best intentions, life gets in the way and you forget to exercise. One week goes by, then another, then another. But a spark of motivation rekindles your fire to accelerate your weight loss, and you’re ready to hop back on your exercise program and work toward your fitness goals.

But you probably notice every time that getting started again isn’t so easy. You lose your maximum aerobic capacity multiplicatively as time passes. You may also realize that conditioning you built in your muscles and connective tissues has largely disappeared.

It can be extremely discouraging despite your excitement – but with a few tricks, you can start your exercise program back up and take advantage of your newfound motivation intelligently.

Set Reachable Goals

Of course you want to lose weight rapidly, but creating goals that are too lofty will make your motivation plummet. Generally, seeking to lose about a pound per week is safe – with supervised medical weight loss, you may aim for more. But weight loss goals aren’t always met by meticulously monitoring drops in weight.

Aim instead to conquer times and distances with cardiovascular endurance training. Learn to walk longer distances, then do your best to jog them, then run those same distances to incrementally challenge your body. You’ll be amazed how rapid your progress is, and the pounds will shed while you’re focused on more realistic goals (provided you stick to your diet and medical weight loss plan.)

Start with Walking

If you’ve been out of practice for a while, don’t push your body over its limits. In fact, even if you’re an avid runner who hasn’t had the chance to run lately, it’s safer and more effective to walk before you run.

Aim to walk for 45 straight minutes without pain in your joints or chest. The moderate impact will help rebuild strength in muscles and connective tissue so that you’ll be able to perform optimally when you begin running again. Increase the pace of your walk as you become more accustomed to marathon walking sessions, then start running when you feel comfortable and confident.

Try Some Cross-Training

Improving your cardiovascular health isn’t all about running; you can benefit from similar effects on your cardiovascular system by trying cycling, rowing, or swimming, too. If you like, you can try these sports on actual vehicles like bicycles or boats, or you can opt to use machines that simulate the actions involved in them.

Doing so will also help activate muscle groups and tissue that will help in unexpected ways when jogging or running. Think of it as a bit of strength training – strengthening your entire body will help you perform any kind of task, including running.

Learn Patience

Going past your limits is far riskier for your weight loss goals than being patient. If you injure yourself, you’ll likely spend much more time in recovery and lose valuable time rebuilding your body that you could have spent carefully exercising.

You have your lifetime to build and maintain your fitness. As long as you focus on your goals and work in a disciplined way toward achieving them, there will be a time that you get to enjoy successful weight loss and the benefits of fitness. There is no hurry; the key is in discipline, not speed.

But that doesn’t mean you have to take things too slowly. Learn about Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs and discover how to accelerate your weight loss as you restart your exercise program today!