Diet Doc medical director is taking his unrivaled medical expertise to Facebook Live! Men and women from all over the world struggling with weight loss will now have the opportunity to pose questions to our Doctor about medical weight loss and supplements that help take off and keep off weight.

Why Is Diet Doc on Facebook Live?

Facebook live gives Diet Doc’s medical experts a platform for reaching an incredibly wide audience to share knowledge and tips for achieving weight loss and lifestyle goals. It comes with unique advantages that are a perfect accessory to our telemedicine practice:

  • Instantaneous broadcast – Facebook Live’s technology allows us to reach people all over the world at the same time. They can tune in to get information straight from Diet Doc’s Medical Director and submit relevant questions, then reference the videos later in the Diet Doc Facebook video library.
  • Immediate feedback – The Doctor and other participants in Facebook Live events can find out if questions have been answered correctly and thoroughly right away. It’s like having a medical expert right in front of you to address your most immediate concerns.

  • Connection to Diet Doc website – Viewers of Diet Doc’s Facebook Live events can immediately navigate to the Diet Doc Facebook homepage to find links to relevant Diet Doc diet, exercise, and supplement information. Learn on Facebook, then get started on the website!

What Kinds of Topics Will Be Discussed?

Our connection to Facebook Live enables us to do more than just share weight loss tips from our doctors; we also have the opportunity to talk about:


Diet Doc helps administer lots of diet and lifestyle supplements to aid you on your journey to weight loss and improved health. Each supplement has a unique role in your success, and we want you to know exactly what that role is.

Exercise & Discipline

We’ll help you stay on track with exercise as part of your Diet Doc weight loss program. Take some time to master the best ways to control your exercise regimen and maintain your motivation.


Let our Doctors teach you why diet is so important to reaching your weight loss goals. There are secrets about nutrition that you might only find from one of our doctors Live sessions – make sure you don’t miss anything.

Weight Loss Science

When you decide to make a big change to your body, a lot starts to happen that you can’t see. We’ll help you understand what’s going on inside and out of your body so you’re comfortable with your diet and exercise plan.

Hormones & Bodily Functions

Hormones govern so much of how your body responds to inputs like food and exercise. Learn about what hormones are at work when shaping your body and how you can take advantage of their effects.

How Do I Get Facebook Live Weight Loss Tips from Diet Doc?

Like and follow the Diet Doc Facebook page and keep an eye out for Facebook Live announcements. If you’re already on a Diet Doc diet and exercise plan, be sure to ask a Diet Doc medical expert when you can participate in the next Facebook Live event. The next one may be soon – start following Diet Doc now!