Beginning weight: 252
Ending weight: 148

Summary: When I turned 30 I got sick and was put on antibiotics and steroids which started a downward tumble. I started to gain weight, had hair loss, and a whole host of problems which ended with my being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I eventually was able to stabilize most of my problems but I couldn’t lose weight no matter what I did. Over the years I continued to gain weight and try many different diets with very little success (might lost 5-10 lbs but never anything significant and it took months and was very unmotivating). At 46 years of age, I reached my all time high of 252 lbs in July 2013 when I started on HCG shots with Diet Doc. I went through multiple rounds of shots with great success. I reached a low of 148 lbs and stabilized at 155 which I’ve maintained for 6 months. I’d love to be able to lose about 10-15 more pounds so I look better in a bathing suit but I’m happy with where I am and how much better I feel.

Jan Warner


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