Diet Doc’s Medical Director Prefers Balanced Diet Planning Over the Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss

Alkaline Diet FoodHonduran naturalist and holistic health guru, Dr. Sebi, might be best known for his claims that individuals should only consume foods that are identified as “alkalizing plant foods,” otherwise known as the alkaline diet for weight loss. This supports the claim on his website that “These foods control the acid level in the body, which protects against harmful mucus buildup that compromises organs and leads to the development of disease.”

The Medical Director of Diet Doc believes that this particular claim isn’t backed up by the facts about alkaline diets. “The truth is that food has a very minor impact on the acid level within the body, which is in fact controlled by the lungs and the kidneys. The body’s normal acidic range is extremely narrow 7.35 to 7.45. Additionally, the pH for blood, which Dr. Sebi’s diet is presumably referring to, is different from that of various cells in various parts of the body.” Blood pH is highly regulated by the body, to the point where severe health issues can occur if it is thrown out of range.

In addition, Dr. Shelton and Diet Doc’s medical weight loss team warns that dieters should be aware of additional claims about the alkaline diet and weight loss that aren’t entirely factual. “Sebi’s dietary information includes a few dubious statements such as, ‘fruit contains protein’. The diet’s focus on vegetables that offer very little protein will produce weight loss, but that weight will primarily be muscle and will be very short lived, in addition to an overall negative effect on health and hormones.”

Our medical director believes that rather than merely attempting to eat stick to an alkaline diet for weight loss, individuals should opt for doctor-supervised diet planning that can be individual-specific in order to tackle one’s dietary needs. While consuming more fruits and vegetables is always a good choice, it is overall more beneficial to create a nutritionally balanced diet to address the entire body’s needs.

At Diet Doc, we offer unlimited dietary consulting with nutritional coaches and medical weight loss experts to create a plan that helps you lose weight quickly and safely. Unlike generic, one-size-fits-all weight loss plans like the alkaline diet, Diet Doc’s team of specialists assess your weight loss struggles and create specific diet plans for you that are based on your body chemistry. Our approach works – 97% of Diet Doc patients stick with their programs and quickly begin progress towards their weight loss goals. Learn more about our medical weight loss programs here, or get in touch with us today to ask us how we can help you create the effective and long-lasting diet plan you’ve been looking for.

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