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Diet Doc: How Exercise Burns Calories

Learn about the best ways to exercise for fast weight loss!

Images of runners often come to mind when thinking about a weight loss exercise plan. Running is fairly popular, and is certainly an option while evaluating your weight loss goals. However, the more you know, the better you can decide what will work for you towards getting real results. To better understand the part exercise plays in a weight loss plan, we’ll explain what’s really going on in your body, and what some of the most effective exercises are.

Your body is like a machine – it needs energy to burn as fuel in order to complete all the functions necessary for life. Food is that fuel, and beyond the vitamins and minerals it provides, food also introduces calories to the body. Calories are not bad things if they are being burned at a regular rate by a healthy metabolism, but that can only happen when a person is being active. In an advanced society like western culture, things like desk jobs and automobiles have caused many of us to move less and sit more, but that doesn’t change what our bodies were meant to do – move. When the human body is inactive yet food is still consumed, the raw energy found in calories does not get burned, so it is subsequently stored for later use. Fat is that un-used energy that exists as both an insulating barrier and as a way of saving for the lean times of the less abundant food supply our ancestors experienced. Fat itself is not a bad thing, but too much can obviously be a problem.

So how do we deal with this excess fat? Exercises that raise your heart rate are the best way to burn calories for weight loss, hands down. This is because your body is working at a higher rate of motion. Just like a machine, the faster it works the more quickly it consumes fuel. We’ll take some examples and break them into categories for your weight loss workout plan as follows:

  1. Exercises that burn the most calories
  2. Exercises that produce a high calorie burn with low impact to the joints.
  3. Exercises that you can do in your daily routine without making an appointment specifically for exercising.

Running was mentioned earlier as a popular way to lose weight. There’s a reason – when done correctly it is the highest calorie burning exercise around! According to our Diet Doc guide to calories burned by activity, an adult weighing 185 pounds running at a rate of 7 minutes a mile for 30 minutes can burn 644 calories! Just think about that paired with our weight loss meal plan! Calories burned vs. calories consumed equals some fast weight loss solutions. If you add running to your exercise plan, and reduce your caloric intake using our plan, you can expect to see the fastest results.

Running isn’t for everyone, however, especially those concerned about the high impact it has on their joints. Although it is the highest calorie burning exercise around, it can also be the most taxing on your body. That’s where swimming is a great low impact option. Using our same Diet Doc guide to calories burned by activity, we can see that an adult weighing 185 pounds who swims the traditional forward crawl stroke for 30 minutes can burn 488 calories! Keep that up for long enough and the pounds will melt away!

So we know that running burns the most calories, and swimming burns the most with the lowest impact. But what about the times when we aren’t specifically working out? It’s possible to get that exercise time in every day just by consciously adding walking to your everyday activity. Walking for 15 minutes at about 4 MPH can burn 200 calories, and you don’t even have to set that time aside to make a difference. Every day, plan your way to work, or your time around the house or running errands to include as much walking as possible. Use the stairs, and park your car at the back end of the parking lot. You can lose weight daily without ever going to the gym!

Here at Diet Doc we will provide you the with the best, customized solutions for your body. Losing weight can seem intimidating, but with our help you can be on the way to success in weight loss today! Call Diet Doc right now at 888–934–4451 or email us at We are eager to answer your questions and get you on the way to a better you!

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