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Our mission at Diet Doc is to ensure that our patients are informed regarding the latest weight loss industry medications and strategies.


Popular medication BELVIQ/BELVIQ XR, is a prescibed weight-loss therapy for obese or overweight adults who may also be suffering from weight-related medical conditions. Due to a number of reasons, diet and exercise may not be as effective for people who have struggled with their weight long-term. FDA-approved BELVIQ/BELVIQ XR does not replace diet and exercise, but it may help to suppress the appetite and create feelings of fullness and satiety that can finally keep junk food cravings and overeating at bay.

BELVIQ/BELVIQ XR works by via its active ingredient Lorcaserin, which suppresses a hunger receptor in the brain. While we diet, our bodies may respond by storing more fat, while our brains might prompt us to eat more in order to prevent starvation. By sending the full signal to the brain more frequently, BELVIQ/BELVIQ XR may help dieters adjust to lower calorie dieting without the incessant hunger cravings, irritability, sleep disturbances, and other symptoms associated with eating less. Though it is unclear exactly how BELVIQ/BELVIQ XR works, this prescription may be a promising option for those who need help sticking a diet program.

BELVIQ/BELVIQ XR is offered to qualifying patients who are either:



Have a BMI of 27 and are experiencing related conditions such as high blood pressure high cholesterol, or type 2 diabetes.


Have a BMI of 30 or greater and are experiencing weight related conditions.


BELVIQ/BELVIQ XR 10 mg tablets are taken twice daily, while BELVIQ/BELVIQ XR 20 mg tablets are to be taken once daily with or without food. BELVIQ/BELVIQ XR is classified as a controlled substance that may lead to addiction or dependence and is only offered as a short-term option meant to be taken under doctor supervision for up to 12 weeks. Weight loss of at least 5% of a patient’s body weight is expected within that time duration. Patients who take more than the prescribed dosage, can suffer from hallucinations, dizziness, fatigue, or outer body experiences.

Those who are pregnant cannot use BELVIQ/BELVIQ XR, and side effects may include:

  • Serotonin Syndrome
  • Valvular Heart Disease
  • Mental Imbalances and Memory Impairment
  • Irregular or Slow Heartbeat
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Certain Drug Interactions

If you’re interested in BELVIQ/BELVIQ XR, be sure to speak with a healthcare provider to ensure you aren’t at risk for any complications.

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