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Craving Control 2

Smash the Endless Cycle of Cravings

Food craving control can be one of the greatest challenges when trying to stick to a diet plan or even while working to maintain your weight. Brain chemistry involving dopamine and food-mood reward cycles can make it very difficult to simply control cravings with a strong mindset.

That’s why Diet Doc’s compounded medication, Craving Control 2, is designed to help patients break the cycle of emotional eating and food cravings. Patients using Craving Control 2 find they are better able to stick to diets during weight loss phases, and find it easier to create new habits and cement behavior improvements during maintenance phases.

How Does Prescription Craving Control 2 Work?

The primary active ingredient in Craving Control 2 is 8mg of extended release naltrexone. This is similar in dose to the amount of naltrexone per tablet in the FDA-approved weight loss drug Contrave. Naltrexone treatment works to disrupt the association between food and mood by breaking the reward cycle. Because naltrexone is an opioid receptor blocker, Craving Control 2 patients don’t receive the same feeling of reward or dopamine rush typically associated with satisfying a food craving.

Naltrexone-based medication has been in use for a long time, and is safe for most people under doctor supervision. Side effects are typically mild and transient, with most people able to use naltrexone treatment for up to 12 months to break the cycle of stress eating, emotional eating, cravings, and eating out of boredom or habit. People on opioid pain medications or those with uncontrolled hypertension should avoid this medication. 

For many people going through common life stressors of financial challenges, relationship issues or divorce, and major job or geographic changes, food can become a crutch for comfort. This habit is very difficult to break because of the feel-good neurotransmitters that are released. With the help of our Craving Control 2 supplement, life stressors don’t have to take over your health, too.

Ready to Give Craving Control 2 a Try?

Diet Doc has created medical weight loss plans for patients to get weight loss help with lifestyle changes and medications, including Craving Control 2. Our certified medical weight loss doctors include prescription medications in your personalized weight loss plan. Getting started with your own medical weight loss plan is easy – give us a call or send us some information to schedule a virtual or phone evaluation with a doctor. We’ll make your personalized weight loss plan and even put your medication in the mail the same day. Get started today!


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