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Prescription Fat Burning Medication

Dieting and exercise aren’t always enough in your weight loss journey. Sometimes you need to take control of your life and consult with Diet Doc to get a fat blocker that works for you. When you hear “fat blocker,” you may think of a drug with many unfortunate side effects that harm the efficacy of an otherwise powerful medication. Diet Doc’s new prescription fat burners are much improved, without the nasty side effects of their forbearers.

With Diet Doc’s help, you’ll find that a fat blocker supplement can help you reach your weight loss goals. Our best-in-class fat blockers work alongside diet and exercise to block fats and carbs from being absorbed into your body, decreasing the amount of sugar in your blood and preventing hyperglycemia.

We have multiple prescription far burners that are compounded in FDA-approved US pharmacies with the highest quality and purity guidelines. Our options come without the negative side effects of old school fat blockers and are one of the best ways for you to lose weight easier

Get help with your weight loss goals from Diet Doc. We can help you be healthier and happier with our fat blocker supplements. Our specialists will create a personalized plan for you, including step-by-step instructions for your diet and medical supplements. Diet Doc has the expertise and experience to block your fat and control your weight.

How Do Fat Blockers Work?

The best fat blockers allow patients to eat diets higher in fat and carbs without gaining excess weight. There are two main methods that we offer:

Orlean- This prescription fat burner is a formulation of multiple medications, including Orlistat (prescription Alli), and carbohydrate blockers miglitol and acarbose. Together, these medications provide fewer side effects, block some of your fat consumed, and delay the digestion of carbs. With far fewer side effects, the new Orlean is one of the best fat blockers available, contributing to powerful weight loss goals. Learn more about Orlean here!

ExtremBurn- This prescription fat burner is an injectable lipotropic, which helps to stimulate the breakdown of body fat during metabolism. ExtremBurn allows you to target weight loss at the injection site, losing weight where you want to. Using prescription methionine, an amino acid, as well as L-Carnitine, leucine, and choline, ExtremBurn is extremely effective. Learn more about ExtremBurn here!

Why Might Prescription Fat Burners Be Right for You?

These new fat-blocking supplements might be right for you if you don’t want to modify your diet too much or employ many stressful changes in your daily life. While Orlean and ExtremBurn work best alongside diet and exercise, fat blockers enable you to maintain your normal life without worrying too much about “cheating” or going off your diet.

Whatever your diet and medical supplements need, Diet Doc can help you choose the best option for you. Whether it’s one of the best fat blockers, appetite suppressants, a personalized diet, or a combination of methods, our specialists will provide a personalized plan for your situation. We’ll help make you happier and healthier.

Why Choose Diet Doc for Prescription Fat Burners?

Diet Doc’s programs are designed and maintained by specialists who study the latest in diet solutions and the best fat blocking supplements. In joining one of our programs, you’ll get a personalized, medically-supervised diet program alongside a prescription fat burner to help you lose the weight you want.

We provide personal care to each and every one of our clients - our results are amazing and speak for themselves. If you want to learn more, start a conversation with one of our fantastic Diet Doc medical professions. Call us or send us your questions or concerns. We’re happy to help with your weight loss struggles today!


Join the 150,000+ Diet Doc patients who met their weight loss goals by requesting a consultation today.

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