practice mindful eating by eating healthy snacks in between mealsEating between meals isn’t always a bad thing if you pick the right options. Being mindful of the nutritional value of food is important, even when snacking. Picking something healthy for your snack will help you to feel fuller and ultimately lead you closer to your weight loss goals. Examining the positive and negative side effects of snacking will help you to pick the right bite next time you’re hungry between meals.

Benefits of Snacking

They’re positive benefits of eating between meals. Healthy snacking helps to improve overall weight loss by curbing cravings to fight weight gain. Eating between meals even helps to regulate mood, fuel brain power, and increase energy. Eating between meals is beneficial for your health and weight loss goals if you pick the right snack. Being mindful of what you’re hungry for and when is the best way to make sure you’re snacking is healthy and helpful to your diet.

Eating when you’re hungry helps to decrease the likelihood of bingeing from starvation later on. Eating smaller meals or snacks every few hours helps to decrease the urge to overeat. Eating when your body feels hungry will ultimately help you lose more weight than starving yourself between meals. Additionally, your blood sugar decreases three to five hours after eating. Eating a healthy snack will help to boost your metabolism and normalize blood sugar, leading to an overall healthier diet.

Negative Snacking

Snacking for other reasons besides hunger is usually when snacking can get you into trouble. Snacking from stress, boredom or simply routine isn’t the ideal time to eat. You want to make sure you’re only snacking when you’re hungry to avoid weight gain. Most people naturally crave carbohydrates between meals as they help to boost mood and serotonin levels. However, this instant high from eating carbs is followed by a crash not shortly after. Eat nutritional snacks between meals and fuel both your focus and health.

Practicing Mindfulness Between Meals

One of the best ways to practice mindful snacking is to listen to your body for signals. Follow the natural signals your body gives you to know when you’re hungry. Once you know you’re hungry, ask yourself what sounds good and would be good for you. Stay mindful of healthy snack options, while remembering not to starve yourself from the food you want. Look for snacks that are filled with nutrients, protein, and fiber to get a snack that will feed your hunger and your need for energy. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains are all good snack options that will keep you both full and energized. They help to stabilize blood sugar and avoid cravings. Keep healthy options around so you aren’t tempted to make a bad eating choice when in a hurry. The most important thing is to be mindful of when you’re actually hungry and full.

Being a mindful eater is one of the best ways to fuel weight loss and stay in tune with your body’s needs. Listen to your body for signals of when to eat and what you want. Keep healthy snacks nearby so you don’t splurge on something out of starvation. Stay mindful of the foods that will benefit both your body’s wants and still help you achieve your weight loss goals.