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Even if you’ve been out of the loop recently, you’ve no doubt heard about medical diet plans. Using doctors to add more effective treatments to normal weight loss plans, medical weight loss plans can really help maximize your weight loss potential.

One of the best benefits of a medical diet plan is more help in losing the first, often most difficult, 10 pounds. Because medical diet plans employ licensed doctors to assist weight loss, you’ll very likely get off to a great start, making those first 10 pounds literally fall off your body.

While medical diet plans are great when you have a clinic nearby, most people don’t actually live near a medical clinic that offers weight loss services, so medical weight loss online is a great option.

Medical weight loss online provides the same clinical services as a walk-in weight loss clinic, but in the privacy of your own home.

Regardless of the option you choose, the science proves that medical diet plans offer a level of service, and provide results that are unparalleled in the weight loss industry.

The first important factor that contributes to your success during your medical diet plan is doctor supervision. Doctor supervision provides clinical oversight of your weight loss. Your doctor will evaluate your body for internal function, including metabolism, and then design a diet and meal plan based on your individual factors.

Traditional diet plans don’t provide this type of service.

In addition to doctor supervision, nutritionist designed meal plans, and constant oversight of progress, only a medical weight loss plan can offer prescription diet aids to help you lose even more weight.

Our medical diet plans include all the tools that will help you lose weight quickly and consistently, by including:

  • Unlimited doctor consultations.
  • Nutritionist designed diet plans.
  • Access to prescription weight loss aids.
  • Diet survival kit, including scale, weight loss shakes and bars, and detailed Diet Doc workbook, outlining our medical weight loss plans.
  • In-home service. (Everything delivered to your home or office)
  • Prescription hormone treatments for weight loss.

With the help of our doctors, nutritionists, nurses, and diet coaches, our medical diet plan will easily push your body into its peak fat burning ability, helping you lose the first 10 pounds and then some within your first month.

If you’re ready to give our medical weight loss online a try, the process is simple, and is done privately and conveniently from your own home. We use Skype, or even the telephone, to conduct our evaluations and consultations, saving you thousands of dollars over traditional local medical diet plans.

To begin your medical weight loss online, simply visit our website at, and schedule a consultation with one of our licensed doctors. The process is simple and convenient.

  • Visit
  • Schedule a free doctor consultation, wherein our licensed doctor will evaluate your body for possible weight loss obstacles.
  • Receive your individualized medical weight loss plan, developed by your doctor, tailored to your individual needs and goals.
  • Receive one or more prescription weight loss aids from our USA based pharmacy, delivered directly to your door and overseen by our doctor.
  • Consult with your Diet Doc doctor any time with unlimited consultations.

Give medical weight loss online a try today, and experience all of the benefits Diet Doc can offer you.

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