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Want the ultimate in convenience and consistency, but don’t want to travel to a doctor’s office for help losing weight? Traditional, outdated walk-in medical weight loss clinics have become a thing of the past, leaving the inconvenience and high cost behind with them. Medical weight loss online makes losing weight quick, easy, less expensive and more convenient with Diet Doc.

Diet Doc’s unique weight loss protocol has transformed the way medical weight loss online is done. We’ve spent nearly a decade perfecting our craft, honing in on what makes weight loss miserable, and then eliminating those things.

We begin by delivering the doctor right to your door, at your convenience, and on your timeframe. Each of our medical diet plans begins with a doctor consultation, done conveniently over the internet with video conferencing software like Skype, or simply over the telephone. Our unique in-home model delivers medical weight loss directly to you, saving you time, travel, and money.

Your doctor consultation allows our doctor to get to know you, and more importantly, your body and how it will react to dieting. Once our doctor has considered each of your individual factors, he can begin consulting with our nutritionist to custom design a medical diet plan that fits you, your lifestyle, and your personal goals and needs.

In a few days, you’ll receive a diet care package containing all you’ll need to begin losing weight with our medical diet plans. We will send you a comprehensive diet workbook, outlining our unique approach to weight loss and describing in detail the proper steps to losing weight while on our diet plan.

If our doctor has determined that you would benefit from any of our prescription weight loss aids, they can be prescribed and delivered directly to your home as well, bypassing inconvenient pharmacy visits and long lines. Each of our proprietary weight loss aids has been specially formulated by our in-house doctors to work synchronously with your medical diet plan.

We offer prescription weight loss aids like potent appetite suppressants to help stave off hunger and make your transition to establishing healthy eating habits easier, metabolic boosters to help push your metabolism into fat burning mode, and even gentle mood stabilizers to help naturally take the edge off of dieting, because let’s face it, losing weight is a battle.

Each of our prescription weight loss aids perfectly complements our medical diet plans, lending a helping hand to your weight loss. Each is formulated in an FDA approved, United States based compounding pharmacy, and each has been rigorously tested for purity and effectiveness.

Gone are the days of waiting around for a doctor to see you, traveling to an outdated walk-in clinic only to get overcharged and underserved. Join the revolution of medical weight loss online, and start forging a path to a healthier you today.

Interested in finding a reputable weight loss online provider? At Diet Doc, we bring the doctor directly to your living room, saving you time, effort, and thousands of dollars in medical fees. We only employ licensed doctors, each highly skilled in the field of medical weight loss.
Stop wasting money and give us a call today at 888-934-4451, and experience the Diet Doc difference.

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