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high-protein diet health benefits

Benefits of Increasing Your Protein Intake

April 24, 2019

Protein is crucial to any diet and a high-protein diet has been linked to a variety of health benefits, including weight-loss. Few nutrients are as beneficial for your body as protein is and the right amount of protein for your diet can vary depending on your current age and health. However, the Daily Reference Intake…

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sparkling water is a healthy substitute for soda

Substitute Soda with Sparkling Water

April 17, 2019

The popularity of sparkling water continues to increase as its bubbly carbonation and fizzy taste has created a new trend of refreshing beverages. Sparkling water, club soda, and seltzer water all refer to water that has been pressurized with carbon dioxide gas to give it carbonation. This carbonation gives these tasty drinks the extra bubbles…

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a couple following running tips for beginners outdoors

Running for Beginners

April 10, 2019

Running seems self-explanatory until you are actually doing it. If you aren’t a pro-runner, you are sure to stumble upon questions on how to start running such as length, pace, and form of your running. It’s no mystery that running is one of the best ways to shed weight quickly, build endurance, and strengthen cardiovascular…

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learning how to read food labels for weight loss.

Simplifying Food Labels

April 3, 2019

Grocery shopping can be a challenge, especially when trying to eat healthily. It can be confusing trying to understand nutrition labels on the fly before throwing an item in your cart. However, learning how to read food labels is imperative when trying to lose weight as it’s important to know what you are eating to…

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Diet Doc ketogenic diet plan

What is a Keto Diet?

April 1, 2019

The ketogenic diet is a popular and effective low-carb, high-protein option, mainly used to achieve quick weight loss. For many with chronic conditions such as inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy, and dementia, this diet is related to improvements or even reversals of these health conditions in the beginning to intermediate stages. Keto diets work through…

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woman sleeping soundly after exercising

The Exercise-Sleep Connection

March 28, 2019

Getting enough exercise positively affects your sleep. Not only will you sleep more soundly by exercising earlier in the day, but the duration of your sleep will also improve. Establishing an exercise routine tailored to your body’s internal clock ensures you sleep soundly all night long. Here’s what we’ve learned from the experts at the…

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an assortment of nutritious salad greens

The Most Nutritious Greens

March 26, 2019

Fresh leafy greens provide plenty of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins, but did you know certain greens are more nutritious than others? If you’re making salads to improve your health, make sure you buy the right greens. Salads darker in color are packed with tons of vitamins, fiber, and protein. Cooking with these kinds of greens…

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workout partners high fiving.

Benefits of a Workout Buddy

March 21, 2019

Don’t worry if you didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with someone special this year as we are here to argue that a gym date with your best friend is the ultimate relationship. Spending quality time sweating with someone special is a great way to work on your physical fitness while making it fun and exciting. Ditch…

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busy woman multitasking at desk

Weight Loss Tips for Busy People

March 19, 2019

Life gets busy, and it can be hard to squeeze in a workout when so many things are left on your to-do list. With a bit of planning, however, you can lead a life that supports the well-being of you and your family. Here are some tips for getting back on track and staying healthy…

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matcha tea in white bowls

The Matcha Tea Movement

March 14, 2019

Green tea has always been known as a healthy beverage, but a special variety called matcha is growing in popularity as one of the most beneficial drinks for your health. If you’re curious about what matcha tea is and why it’s a new trend for tea drinkers, we’ve compiled the answers you need. What Is…

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